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April 06, 2020

10 gnomes in malmo [download]

Mateusz Skutnik has lost 10 gnomes again and this time they are hiding in Malmö. You have to find all of them in his latest (downloadable only) point and click game: 10 gnomes in Malmö.


Anonymous said...

There is only one time I have been able to open these games.I need to stop wasting space downloading these. Too difficult to access.

imterriblystucked said...

I had no trouble, I even downloaded a couple more just to kill time.

Stevens Miller said...

Game saves the number of photos you've seen between plays, but throws away all other progress.

1. Need option to save progress.
2. Need to know how many of each type of object I am looking for.

Anonymous said...

Have had
- 23 eastereggs
- 10 toiletpaper
- 9 masks
- 9 hand sanitizer
- 10 gnomes
- 1 troll

I suppose there are 10 of toiletpaper, masks and hand sanitizers each, and 25 eastereggs. But I've just found only 82 out of 84 photographs. No idea, where are the last two.

Anonymous said...

I have downloaded and extracted. There is no start up icon and no .exe file that I can find to play this.

Anonymous said...

I never found any photographs.
Kind of wish I hadn't tossed the game now.

Anonymous said...

I love the gnome games! I'm so happy there's finally a new one! The little masks are also so adorable <3

julia.canright said...

So in the past I've had so many issue opening the game once ive downloaded it onto my Mac but i've figured out that once youve downloaded it drag it on to the desktop and then open it. I hope this helps someone out there.


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