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October 25, 2019

spin! [browser]

Control the environment to get the ball to the finish in the 25 levels of the physics-based puzzle game Spin! by Alienplay Games.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bart!

Anonymous said...

Passed it....was pretty easy but good.

Jane F said...

Like it.

Stevens Miller said...

While I recognize a good implementation of a good idea in this game, I personally hate games that require precise timing of keyboard or mouse input to match changing conditions on the screen. Some folks call those "ninja skills." I am no ninja, so I just find games that require those skills frustrating.

jcfclark said...

Nice physics. Relaxing music, which is needed (for me anyways} because physics games make me a little tense due to the timing perfection required.

Anonymous said...

It does not save the game to resume it. It locked up so I started over again. Nice game though.

Steve said...

great game. needs a couple hundred more levels and additional ingenious toys and complexity.

Mantaraya said...

Loved the concept and this game. I also liked how there is more than one solution for many of the levels. Level 24 seemed to be mostly luck though it looks more twitchy.


Anonymous said...

For some reason the site give an error.
Something with cookies I think.

But it is on armorgames.
Played it there

Also it does save the game progress

jcfclark said...

Revisited this game today and confirmed that my fingers are not connected to the reflex part of my brain.


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