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October 08, 2019

mushroom hunt [browser]

Explore a mysterious forest to find mushrooms for your grandmother and uncover multiple endings and eastereggs in the text adventure Mushroom Hunt by Polyducks.


Anonymous said...

The ten mushrooms are well hidden.
I might have played more if I could type.

Anonymous said...

Lost interest, but at least it was prepared to consider 'Eat Granny'...

BlueDragonCaboco said...

I found 8/10 mushrooms, one in each area surrounding the cottage. Still looking for the other 2.
I really like this game!

@Anonymous 1: You can click on the important words in the descriptions, so you don't have to type them.

Emily said...

I like it! It was fun to play around with different endings and try to discover everything. I think I found everything except the "old magic word" the ending sometimes mentions.

Anonymous said...

Up to 9 now--kind of frustrating!

[Spoiler: I believe the magic word is xyzzy, but it does nothing. :Spoiler]


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