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October 07, 2019

a grim chase [browser]

Nasty zombies have stolen your scythe and kidnapped Mr. Bunny so you must go after them in the puzzle platfomer A Grim Chase by Jronn. (It's the sequel to A Grim Love Tail)


Anonymous said...

Level 4 seems pretty impossible.

Anonymous said...

Learn to use the floating skull trick.

What I want to know is how to get ending #1 (I've gotten #2 and #3)

chefsinger said...

See the hint in the game gotta do something on level 20 where the path diverges to get the true ending.

Nat R. said...

Thanks @chefsinger! I don't know what "game news" you meant, but I'd been poking around that level looking for the other ending. After I read your comment, I knew for sure that it was there, which made me look harder. I did manage to find it after that! A little less interesting than the other two though, seeing as how it's the "best ending."

Markus said...



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