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May 17, 2019

text mode adventure [browser]

Rumor says that you are the wisest being in the kingdom, find out how smart you really are in the puzzler Text Mode Adventure by Metamechanical, inspired by msdos text mode games.


Anonymous said...

not for women then?

Anonymous said...

Is there some trick to level 4 ?
There is no way to the one gap.
There are things in the way, WTF!

Unknown said...

Im at lvl 10, dont know what to do pls tell me

Anonymous said...

Ok I figured out how to nudge my way past all the blocks to the gap in level 4
Now I am stuck with the 2nd key on level 5 & can't calm the guard.

Long Peter said...

Worked out level 10.

1: Get key 1.
-- this is done by playing with the keys.

2: Block the door on the top so you can enter the clockwork.

3: Work out how to move the parts that you can move the unlock mechanism by hand.

it should look like:

: ^

Anonymous said...

Im stuck on level 9... Cant get the second key... HELP!!

Anonymous said...

Now stuck on lvl 11... Please help!!! SOMEBODY


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