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May 09, 2019

color filler [browser]

Fill all the colored holes with the colored blocks and make it to the exit in each level of the puzzle game Color Filler by Spicy Overlord.


Anonymous said...

Nice & simple till the last level #20.
Hint... it is simple too, just flow towards the goals.

Anonymous said...

Yeah with level 20 you have to think about how you use your "laps"

jcfclark said...

Am wishing for an 'undo' button -- especially on level 20.

Xexus said...


Urban Garlic said...

Finished it, but had to fight my "Sokoban" instincts the whole way -- you can push more than one crate! No, really! It'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Spicy Overlord, for this awesome game! Would love to see more levels! And thank you, Bart, for posting it.

Jarq said...

So, kind of shameful, but I'm already stuck at level 7! Please help me!!!

Jarq said...

Ahhh! Never mind, I got it!

David said...

It won't save the game, you have to go back to the beginning. Rest of the game is great, helps you put things in priority. Also strategy.

Anonymous said...

David. My game saved. Not sure why it didn't for you. Sorry, but I'm not of much help to you in that regard.

Anonymous said...

Very nice game

Hespetr3 said...

I spent a really long time figuring out #20 and now I wish there were more levels!

Rogerup said...

It is possible to pass Level 20 using only two laps ('X' on right side).

Cess Cilantro said...

stuck on level 7 as well smh. there a walkthrough

Anonymous said...

For level 7, from the start:

Push Red 1 space to the left.

Move around Red until you are the tile to its left (the left edge tile).

Push Red 1 space to the right. Red and Green are now in their original positions while Grey has moved to the other side of the area.

Move down 1 space (you should be to the left of Green).

Push Green 1 space to the right.

Go Left 1, Up 2, Right 1. You should be above Red.

Push Red down 1 space.

Go Right 1. You should be above Green.

Push Green down 1 space (it should be in the hole).

Move to the left side of Red.

Push Red Right 2 spaces (into the hole).

Put Gray in the last hole.


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