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May 28, 2019

tatami room escape [browser]

Tatami Room Escape is a new escape the room game by Tesshi-e. Can you solve all the riddles and escape this calming room in the restaurant before dinner is being served?


a12r13 said...

With the Happy coin....
Very nice one, I must say.
Thx Bart

Anonymous said...

I thought the scroll was held with chopsticks.
There are no chopsticks, Just saw sticks!
The 4 color stars are not used either.
My hint for the scroll is... shade for shape.

Anonymous said...

I had fun before they told me.

Stevens Miller said...

Argh! The "System" menu says the game has one "endhing." Missed the line on the home page about two endings, so didn't bother looking for The Happy Coin.

Not happy about that.

Xexus said...

The Happy Coin solution didn't award me the coin :(

LorenzoM said...

@XexusNH Open the door but don't exit, go back and put the Happy Coin solution. It worked for me.

Anonymous said...

I also had fun before they told me :D

MRK said...

That was fun! ; ) Thanks for the clue about no chopsticks @Anonymous. Happy Coin worked for me. Mahalo for another fine escape experience, Tesshi-e and for sharing, Bart.


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