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January 19, 2019

seq-o-ban bis [browser]

Marcos Donnantuoni has made a new and longer version of his puzzlescript puzzler Seq-O-Ban. Can you stick all the dice together to form a sequence 1,2,3,etc ? (Z-key to undo a move, R-key to restart a level)


Stage name said...

Good addition to original levels. Also, design nicer. Did this on my Kindle with no undo. Remind me never to try that again!

Stage name said...

Noticed a link to a "hard" mode version, so of course I started in, still playing on my Kindle. Not too bad until I hit level 12. Took two days to do levels 12 and 14, having to restart after every mistake, plus the occasional accidental screen swipe. If there's a way to access the keyboard in full screen mode on a Kindle Fire, someone please tell me! However, another nice set of seq-o puzzles. Thanks to Marcos.

Anonymous said...

How did you get past hard level 11? The 4 is stuck between the walls and I can't figure it out how to get it... breaking my mind on this one :-) Cool game, kept me busy :-D

Stage name said...

Level 11, hard version: You have to raise the "4" out of its slot with "1-2-3" combined (in a row); then slide the "5" over. Good luck. Wait till you tackle level 12!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that worked! But oh my god, level 12... give me a few days :-D

Anonymous said...

Yessss, did it. Level 12 Hard in 1h15. Awesome game... :-)

Unknown said...

I think it's level 11 (not Hard) that I'm stuck on - + for background and X for wall -
(under 1)+3+++

I'm sure I have to start by moving 2, not 3, but after that I think I've tried everything and no dice.

Unknown said...

I was wrong, that was level 10 and I solved it eventually. Now I've run out of time, so level 11 will have to wait.

Unknown said...

I'd appreciate some help with (original) Level 11, the one that has 1-5-3-2-4 in a diagonal line. Everything I've tried ends up either with the 5 in a hole at the left and the 4 stuck on the right, or everything stuck in various corners.

Joel said...

@Unknown above: for normal level 11, first go left to get the 5 and 1 set up, then head right to put the 2 and 3 together. Lastly you push the 4 from right to left to join everything.

Here are the sequences for normal levels 9-11 because they gave me the most trouble:


Normal 9:
R D R3 U L D L2 U R
D2 U R2 D L D2 L U R
U2 L R D2 L U2 R2 U L2

Normal 10:
R U2 D2 L U L U D R2 U L
U2 L3 D R U R2 D U L2 D
R U R D L D2 R2 L2 U2 R D2

Normal 11:
L U L U2 L D L D R D R U
R D R2 D R D L D L U R
U2 L D L U R2 D3 L U2 R U L3


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, Joel! Now I'm halfway through Hard Mode (at the point where it actually gets hard imo), and I'll have to leave it till I've got a lot more time.

Joel said...

Started hard the other day and got stuck on level 9. But just figured it out- they always look simple afterwards, lol. Here are the moves in a better format if anyone needs them:


Key: n[j](f) DIR sss, DIR sss, ...
n = block number you push
[j] = blocks joined to n
(a) = free blocks that also move
DIR = direction you push, U D L or R
sss = number of spaces you push

Hard 9:
3(1) D one
4(2) D one
4 L two, R one, U two
3 R one
1 D one
3 U two, R two
3[2] L two
4 D two
4[32] D one, L one, D one


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone who has solved level 14? It's been driving me crazy for days now... I suppose you need to make a combination of 4-3-2 and then 1 on top of 2 to liberate the 4 from between the walls, but I cannot get the 3 and the 1 past the 2 at the same time... What a game :-)

Stage name said...

Hard level 14: Construct the 3-2-1 "L" as high up as possible.

Joel said...

Yeah this was a fun puzzle game! Came back tonight and finished up the hard levels- 12 and 14 were tricky. Sequences for those if anyone needs them:


Key: push # [joined to #'s] (that also moves #'s) THIS DIR. this far, THIS DIR. this far, ...

Hard 12:
3 U one
4 L four
1 D one
4 R one
4(1) R one
4 U one
1 R one
4 D one
3 D one, R one, U one
4 L two
3 D one, R one, D one, R one
4 R one, U two
1(3) L three
1 D one
3[21] R two
4 D two
4[321] U one
1[234] L one, U two

Hard 14:
5 D two, L one
2 R one
3(51) U one
1 L one
5(3) D one
2 D three
1 R one, U two, L one
2 U three
3(5) U two
5 L one
3 D two
2 D three
5 R two, U one
2 U one, L one, U one, L one
3 U one
5 D four, L one
2 R two, U one
5(3) U two
3 L one
5 D two
2 D three
3 R one, U one, L one
1 R one
2 U one, L one, U two
3[21] D one
1[23] L one
1[234] R one
2[134] U one
5 U three, L two

Oh Snap!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Joel!

Joel said...

^ Welcome! ;-)


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