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January 24, 2019

nymphiad [browser]

Somewhere in the dark mazes beneath the temple of Tithonus a lost nymph seeks the way back to the world of daylight: Nymphiad, a puzzle platformer by Wolod.


Anonymous said...

Only robots say first!
Not the controls I would use.
Was still fun until the 2 droppers between 3 spike areas.
I die many times getting started & can't repeat later.

Krix said...
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Anonymous said...

I liked this game! It did interesting stuff with the block-pushing and screen-scrolling mechanics that I don't think I've seen in a free online game before. The difficulty did feel a little bit cheap at times - the levels toward the end were really long, and it got frustrating having to start over from the beginning every time I messed up. Plus the ending was kinda lame.


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