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September 14, 2018

squarus ii [browser]

Slide a box to it's destination while pushing blocks and avoiding lasers through twenty levels in the puzzle game Squarus II by saucetin.


Anonymous said...

This game is pure chewing satisfaction.

long peter said...

Nice game,
Good level of challenges,

I like it :)

WeeEck said...

Needs an undo last move key, frustrating going back to the start of each level.

Hespetr3 said...

Fascinating game. I don't particularly love the 'countdowns' though.

Hespetr3 said...

And yes, an undo function would really improve the experience.

Anonymous said...

Haven't had this much fun in a while!

Urban Garlic said...

This is really very good, engaging up to the finish.

Level 19 seemed odd to me, I didn't use a lot of the tools and devices in the level.

And because it's "Squarius II", you get two trophies, which is cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bart! I loved squarus II, playing was very challenging for me. Do you know swapblocks?


Hesptetr3 said...

Oh. This doesn't remember progress at.all. Too bad. I was on level 15 and accitendally closed the tab whilst checking mail. Boo.


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