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September 06, 2018

rookie bowman [browser]

You're just an ordinary man who heard some rumors about an ancient bow hidden in a cave. Now all you want is to have it: Rookie Bowman, a platformer by Ömer Faruk Gündüz.


Anonymous said...

I can barely get around with this set up.
Fighting a hyper killer rabbit is a no go.

Anonymous said...

Beat the rabbit. Made it to the sign that says "Hurry up or there will be too many missiles" then I quit. Exactly my type of game, reminds me of the Robot Wants Kitty/Puppy games but this one is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too hard.

Nat R. said...

I'm in Area 3, putting off fighting the red devil thing because I can't find the white key to get into the area on the far left. Anybody else know where it is?

Took me a lot of tries to get the map for this area. Just telling people: go up before going left, even if it's hard as heck. (I went left first, almost got lost, then came back because I thought the key was there.)

Nat Roth said...

Never mind, don't avoid the boss (a red bear) to try and find that key. Enough said.

jcfclark said...

Enjoy these up until I recall I'm just not good enough and I must quit -- otherwise I'll be up all night.

Anonymous said...

Gave up after a hundred friggin tries to kill that rabbit. Too bad, it's a pretty cool game, but you can't get to stage two.

Emily said...

I liked it! Didn't think it was too hard.
@Nat, I did the same thing, spent like an hour trying to find the white key before I fought the boss... *facepalm*

BG said...

I really liked this game. I didn't think the bosses were that hard; you just had to find their patterns and a technique to counter them. My only "complaint" is that I wish there were more levels, meaning that I liked it that much.


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