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September 04, 2018

pit trails [browser]

The latest puzzlescript puzzler by Rosden Shadow: Pit trails. Try to reach the end in 9 levels by leaving behind a trail which transforms into pits once a button is pressed. (Z-key to undo a move, R-key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

Level three seems impossible. But then, so did level two.

Hespetr3 said...

Level 6 IS impossible.

Anonymous said...

*** hints / spoilers ahead for 3 and 4 ***

about level 3 here's how to start: up, up, up

i was stuck for a while in level 4 until i learnt the new mechanic: if the rock is over a 'minus tile' that tile won't turn into a pit, it will stay as solid floor

... now i'm stuck in 5

Anonymous said...

and POP, here's a hint for level 5:

go round the block and push it over your starting spot, the rest is easy following the mechanic of level 4

Unknown said...

Level 6 is definitely possible! The key is the key is the way you can punt a block that's sitting on the tar, so that it moves and you don't.

(I haven't looked at the next one yet.)

Unknown said...

Well it took me a few goes to get level 7, and I also had to go away and come back to level 8. But I've come back to level 9 and I still don't know where to start. Has anybody solved it?

Anonymous said...

Hint for level 9: It is only one stone you have to move before you reach to the white square.
Good luck.

Unknown said...

I got it! Thanks Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

How does one beat level 7? I've tried a billion times and I still can't figure out how, and since there's 2 more levels after this, I'm just about ready to accept I don't have enough logical thinking to solve it.

Anonymous said...

Hint for level 7: When you step onto the white square, the rock is where you were at the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip, except I'm still failing miserably... Ah wells. I'll keep trying, thanks again.


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