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January 31, 2018

puzzlement [browser]

A minimal puzzle game where you walk and jump between different oriented plane surfaces to collect all the red squares: Puzzlement by (This is a 20 level demo, the full version is released tomorrow on Steam.)


jj said...

Level 21 is an empty block but I suppose this is because this is only a demo?

Anonymous said...

Nice, I want more!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... also wondering about level 21??

Joel said...

^^^Yep, only 1-20 in the demo.

Like this one and love the music!

veewee said...

I basically get a black screen...and nothing else.
for a moment I had a tiny grey square with the number 1 above it...and I could move it ever so slightly with the arrow keys, but not enough to actually have it move away from its spot.
and now it's gone again

Rebecca said...

Veewee, I tried to load it several times and I got the same. I could hear the music, and there were sound effects if I jumped. I'm using Chrome on a MacBook.

veewee said...

I'm also using Chrome, on a non-Mac laptop though..
Maybe I'll try using Internet Explorer

Unknown said...

It's not loading for me either which is sad because it looks like a cool game

wyatt (leslie on FB) said...

black screen with music for me too :(


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