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January 30, 2018

beep boop bu [browser]

A short platformer created in 48 hours for the 'transmission' themed Global Game Jam 2018 by Stuffed Wombat: Beep Boop Bu.


PK said...

That was . . . not a good game. :/

Nat R. said...

I liked the game, but I have no idea what happened... He was mad at her? But then he made up with her? There was a death? I know the transmission method was supposed to be a bit unclear, but it left me very confused. Still, for 48 hours, that's pretty good. I have to put these game jam submissions into perspective.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty awful: bad controls, bad physics, bad collision detection. There's no way to know if a pit is bottomless or just drops down to another scene. And all of that is almost excusable, but the jerky camera panning and zooming is not. But I guess that's what you get in 48 hours.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it. Exploring, trying to piece together the story, and the resolution at the end made it worth it. The zoom in / zoom out features made it more intriguing, and figuring out the moving devices was fun as well. Thanks for a good game made in a very short time!
-- Anonymous C


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