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December 17, 2017

the illusory wall [browser]

A minimalist puzzle platformer about perspective: The Illusory Wall by Nocity. Use the cursor keys to move and the mouse for everything else. (hint: you have to find ways to collect all the red squares).


Rob said...

"There's Always a way out" THNX!

Emily said...

Yay! Giant red square!

eightoclock said...

This feels like a 2D version of the game Antichamber.

deCarlo said...

Maybe I'm just to plain stupid for this kinda game. Couldn't even work out what to do in the first place. Just run around in circles and then reset and start from beginning???

Nat R. said...

I got all of them except "The real magic happens when nobody's looking" at the bottom of the map.

Pretty unsettling to go all the way up against a wall and then go back the other way only to fall into a hole that wasn't there before. I guess that's the point. It's an ancient human instinct to be afraid of things that happen when you can't see them; hence the fear of the dark, and the horror-movie trope of "It's right behind you."

Emily said...

deCarlo, the goal is to get the red squares. You can see how many you've collected because they fill the diamond spots in that door/blockade near the beginning. You do this by observing how things change when you are or aren't looking and using that to your advantage

Sara Pinilla said...

Somehow, the game's not working. I reloaded and now I cannot PLAY. Everytime I jump, the window scrolls up. It's annoying =(


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