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December 18, 2017

kicking walls [browser]

A short puzzlescript puzzler about pushing boxes into place which also involves a bit of kicking walls by Jere Majava. (As always in puzzlescript: Z key to undo a move and R key to restart a level)


WeeEck said...

A bit simple, not nearly enough levels

Darival said...

Easiest than usual, or we are learning XD

Catherine Munson said...

Enjoyed it.

Hespetr3 said...

I want more levels!

Unknown said...

im stuck on level 1! its impossible! what am I doin wrong?!

Bart said...

@Michael: Yes level 1 is already a bit tricky:
push the left one one position up
push the right one one position left, one position up and one position right
push the left one two positions down
push right one one position left, and then up into place
and then push left one into place


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