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December 04, 2017

jonathan the sorcerer [browser]

Help Jonathan the Sorcerer recover the magic gems by placing them in the correct colored holes to reach the exit in each level of this puzzle game created by Nicolas Cannasse in 48 hours for the 'the more you have, the worse it is' themed Ludum Dare 40 game jam.


PK said...

I guess I'm just dumb -- I can't even figure out how to play. I've connected purple to purple, green to green, a bunch of things, and can't get past the first level. Some instructions would have been nice.

Bart said...

I guess there was not enough time to add instructions. In each level you need to fill the colored holes with the gems of the same color before the exit (circle) to the next level opens. All of this without blocking your path... You can also pick up multiple gems, you then drop them in the inversed order of picking up when you pass a hole, so you first drop the last one you picked up.

Anonymous said...

PK, I can't figure it out either! How on earth do you pick up the black one not last and still fly?

Bart said...

@Anonymous If you are on the level I think you are:
pick up purple, green, black
go around to top green -> drop black
go down to second green -> drop green
go down to purple -> drop purple
go to exit

Unknown said...

I'm stuck on one where there's a black ball on the island I'm on and everything else is on the big island, but there are only two ways onto it, and they both go through targets, which I can't get past to put the black in the store with the maze pattern. If I put the black in the purple target, there's nowhere to put the purple gem, but if I put it in the green target, I can't find a route via the other targets that doesn't cut me off from the exit. Is there a way to get past the transparent edges, or to get past the maze with the green gem without giving it up?

Anonymous said...

Okay-I just got past a level on accident that has a super-screwed up solution. You know those blue circuit-like platforms that grab one of the tiles? If you put a blue tile on there, it acts like it's been placed onto a blue hole, and activates the exit, but this same level provides you with two blue tile holders, one which you place a black tileholder to fill, and makes you assume you have to figure out how to maneuver a blue tile to the other?. How are you supposed to figure that out other than by pure chance?

Someone said...

As above, that level drove me mad until I solved it by accident. Allowing a blue brain to act as a final holder is a bit of a dirty trick. Also had trouble with the game being slightly too big for the screen & having to constantly reposition it.

Otherwise though, I enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

Blue brain, that's a good name for it! I solved the one I was stuck on, by going _through_ the blue brain to pick the green gem up again, but that doesn't help with the next one, which has a yin/yang symbol and would be easy to solve if the blue brain wasn't there. Any hints? If the "blue tile" Anonymous refers to is a green gem, that (using the blue brain as a final holder) doesn't work - are there blue gems later as well as green and purple ones?

Somebody said...

Yes, the blue ones are on later levels.
If still relevant, on the level I think you mean, you can deactivate the bb first by running through it with the green & then picking up the black and island hopping.

Have only just noticed that his robes change colour with the gems. duh

Unknown said...

Thanks, Somebody, that worked. And the next level is the one Anonymous was talking about. After that, another new colour, brown ... which I guess I need the yin/yang symbol to change, but I ran out of time for now.

Canadam said...

Might have persevered at this but I couldn't stand the dots constantly crossing the screen.. why do that?


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