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October 16, 2017

harmonia [browser]

Harmonia by Liza Daly is another excellent entry for this year's interactive fiction competition. You're invited at Blithedale College as a substitue for a missing professor, but will you be able to uncover the truth behind this disappearance?


Anonymous said...

This game (short story? adventure?) is simply breathtaking. The amount of detail is exquisite. I cannot recommend reading this enough.

Kiel B said...

I agree with the first comment, this piece of literature/game makes for an incredibly engaging experience.

Emily said...

Loved it! Went through both endings and enjoyed them both, just as I thoroughly enjoyed the entire story. The sketches and the annotations added so much more to the story and figuring things out.

Phred Phirmphoot said...

That was awesome! Very, very well done. I hope there's more!

NarnianLucy said...

Always down for a good interactive fiction and this was lovely . I loved both endings, and like the above said, the illustration and annotations made the text extremely engaging. Super pumped to check in on the other games in the competition.

Ruud said...

Loved it. And I have only played it once now. I am going again with other choices :-)
Loved the similar story books in the 80s where you choose the next page at the bottom based on how to respond.


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