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October 16, 2017

filler [browser]

Fill all the spots and make sure to end at the correct spot (while many other mechanics are introduced along the way) in the puzzlescript puzzler filler by HugoBDesigner. (use the Z key to undo a move and the R key to restart a level)


Long Peter said...

I'm surprised by the number of levels

Kiel B said...
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Anonymous said...

I can't quite figure out the last level...Not entirely sure it's meant to be possible, there's two end tiles, but the level makes it so you'll end with 4...whatever the things that draw the lines are called. Anyone have any advice?

Kiel B said...
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Kiel B said...

@Anon - I think the way to solve it is to fill the entire center board and send both blocks into the same color portal with your last move, which will destroy them and send one copy to the side. I haven't accomplished it yet, but it seems possible to complete.

Anonymous said...

The last level is tricky, but it is possible!


I maneuvered the two end tiles to the two red tiles to complete the level/game

Unknown said...

I'm stuck on one of the ice levels, called Greenland - I think it's level 5/9. I can't see how to start it without either crossing the end of a crossroads in the wrong direction, or leaving a square (e.g. on a corner), or the two ice squares immediately left of the starting point, inaccessible. I feel like I've tried every combination and within 5 moves it's become impossible. I know I'm late to this, if anyone's still following this thread, help?


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