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March 30, 2017

into the abyss [browser]

Find your way out in the retro platformer into the abyss by Noe. It's a metroidvania-style platformer so you will gain new abilities as you progress. Move with the cursor keys and use Z to jump. Once you find a map you can use the M key, and once you find a weapon you can use it with the X key.


Nat R. said...

FIRST!!1! Yeah I feel so good!
Got to the boss, could beat it if I tried enough times, but the previous checkpoint is so far away that it's really annoying to have to come back each time. Other than the chronic checkpoint deficiency, it's a nice game.

Anonymous said...

I agree, also the controls are not what I am used to.

Anonymous said...

does... does no one else realize this is basically tiny dangerous dungeons with a lot less polish?

jj said...

Well it obviously is inspired by that game, but it's a different game. I enjoyed it a lot! I like my platformers to be not so difficult.

Anonymous said...

Good game, yes seems like it got inspiration from Tiny Dangerous Dungeons, but that's a good game, that's good inspiration!

Nat R. said...

Aha, version 1.2 with a checkpoint outside the boss battle! Perfect.

There's basically no such thing as true originality. Everyone inspires everyone else, it's just part of the creative process. As long as it doesn't feel like the exact same game, I'm happy.

Nat R. said...

Hmph, I hate missing secrets when I didn't even know there were secrets. Also, why was the way out at the lowest part? At least the boss was more predictable than I thought.


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