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March 16, 2017

8bit love story [browser]

8bit love story is a frantic and interactive story of love and adventure by Manuel Fallmann. Click to interact with the game whenever instructions appear, let's go!


Anonymous said...

Well I was not awake enough for that.
Although it looks like nothing can stop his love.

palat said...

Woow, I'm so hyped after playing this, yeah, feels like drinking a strong black coffee :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, this tune will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day :-)

PK said...

Anyone see that episode of Steven Universe where the Gems made a "challenge course" for Steven, but halfway through he realized that he couldn't fail no matter what? He could get hit by attacks, pull the levers in whatever order, etc., and he still "won" each course?

This is that. You don't actually have to follow any instructions or even interact with the "game" in any way, because it isn't a game. You're just moving around to make yourself happy; it doesn't matter if you do it right. You still "win" at the end.

Nat R. said...

At the end it tells you which bits you did right, I think. I wasn't sure exactly which bits corresponded to which statistics, but I know I didn't do everything right... Kinda cool, definitely unusual.

Nat R. said...

Oh wait, I just realized something I didn't like... Why was she just crying in the bubble while he was fighting the devil? GENDER ROLES!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is the Devil on the Moon?! Why the heck would he take the guy's girlfriend (and, in agreement with Nat R., why is the girlfriend such a wuss?!)?

I prefer backstory with my games.

Unknown said...

Has anyone got the "Unburnt" medal?


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