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December 04, 2016

tsure game 7 [browser]

Solve all the puzzles to escape in the latest escape the room game by Lu Taru: tsure game 7.


Carol said...

First! Haven't said that in awhile. Just the right amount of distraction for a Sunday morning. Thanks, Bart!

Anonymous said...

I am stuck. No fire, no 4 digit code for box under flag.
Also no idea about the red puzzle code.
Had to reload the game to play it.
Looks bland & slightly clunky to play.

Anonymous said...

Ok I found the code for the matches & got out.
Have to look at clues before it lets you enter a correct code.

Rob said...

Only problem was the clue. Thanks!

Peter said...

The ending is even less logical than Minoto.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm out with the penguin :-)

Anonymous said...

Out. Nice and easy one.
Thank you Bart

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't like the navigation. So I quit.

Lizzie!! said...

Wait...what? I had to get a penguin to be able to escape...because I was able to get outside right away. Silly.

anna in spain said...

Won't load. Get to about 8% and it just stays there.


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