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December 15, 2016

the room [browser]

A short minimalist platformer about escaping from a constantly shifting room: the room by rogueNoodle created for the 'one room' themed Ludum Dare 37 game jam.


PK said...

Nothing loaded, page locked up, had to close that tab.

(Could be my computer, though, which has almost no RAM.)

Peter said...

Cool concept

ps... loading took a few minutes, so don't close the window to quick

Anonymous said...

Interesting concept. It's a little buggy though. I got into a situation where I was actually on the side of the wall - moving back and forth I managed to free myself.

Anonymous said...

How sad and depressing. :(((

Anonymous said...

Took as long to load as it did to finish it.
Only wasted 5 mins of my life so I don't care.

Rebecca said...

I loved it. Tiny minimalist platformers are pretty much my favorite type of game. Thanks, Bart!

Altofronto said...

Brilliant concept, and very stylish, but so short! Would definitely like to see a longer version, though.

ZET said...

nice one, too bad is too short

Cak said...

Great Stuff!

I hope it is going to get a big 'brother', a long version of the story. Stylish in deed. I was part of the story after 2 seconds. And at the end I started over and played a second time.



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