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October 29, 2016

poll results and a new minoto

Thanks for the massive response to the poll! After one day the results are:
76% want to see mobile games on bontegames besides the browser games
70% of mobile games voters want to see only free mobile games
So (free) mobile games are coming to bontegames too and I will try to make a good distinction between browser and mobile games (a separate page is not possible).
And guess who released a new browser game today after a very long time? For old times' sake and silliness, enjoy Minoto's latest: cute duckling 7.
Thanks and on to many more years of bontegames! :)


Anonymous said...

OMG new minoootooo! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great fun! I'm stuck with
#### maybe a spoiler alert is in place ###

a remote control with battery, a burning branch and a steel tower

and now?

Anonymous said...

The key is on the TV. Try to give power on it and interact with the channels.

eightoclock said...

The text (according to Google Translate) for those of us that do not read Japanese.

-The girl's first text.-
It becomes pretty apple.
Come on you to eat!

-The girl's second text.-
It was pretty much Uridaseru this in as idle. But I'm doing the president of entertainment office. . Since the idol group began to say that you want to separate, we were looking for the next of human resources. . . I get to work now as idle? How nice.

-The ending text.-
In order to produce the entertainer, held a cute championship, was able to escape somehow from cute Sha us gathered worked have entertainment office president was, of cute duckling.

Their parents are and to discover my child on television, went to pick immediately, succeeded in stunning recapture!.

As long as the sky is in the this parent and child, it can not wrest the freedom.

,,,,,,,, It will be continue to be fly in the sky now.

I met did not the story of this parent-child has reached the time being joyful ending. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Even so, now do you were really all resolved?

,,,,, Well remembered want ,,,,,,. The Ugly Duckling first episode the ,,,,

,,,, Son ,,, what animals of duck! ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Anonymous said...

Clearly they use TVs a little differently in Japan... (Hint: forget trying to be logical!)

The Gordo said...

Yay, new Minoto! Just as crazy as ususal.

Thank you, Bart!

Stevens Miller said...

"76% want to see mobile games on bontegames besides the browser games."

That's what you get if you add two of three answers together.

Thanks for running this site all these years. It's been a great source of fun for my family.

Good bye.

wyatt (leslie on FB) said...

i missed the poll! but so glad to see you will still be posting browser games! WHEW! you scared me for a second :)
thanks for all you do, bart... you are a happy place in my hectic life :)

Anonymous said...

hard to power up tv & watch all the channels.

also I liked that the poll showed results on a world map.

Cyn said...

I've been incredibly swamped lately, so I totally missed your poll Bart, but I like the outcome :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up with Minoto! Such a nice stress reliever: )

NotMarian said...

Funny and fun. I didn't expect the ending.

Ann Quark said...

Aawwww yiiisss Minotooooo ! Thank you for this unexpected comeback.

anna in spain said...

I've been offline for a long time...not very well...better now, and here's Minoto to welcome me back!


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