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October 28, 2016

a poll for you

You have probably noticed each month there are less posts here on bontegames. This is not because I have less time to post new interesting browser games, but because there simply are less browser games created than before.
On the other hand, more and more interesting games are being published on mobile. Sooo, I was thinking, after 9 years posting about browser games only, maybe I should start posting about interesting new mobile games on here too. Of course I would keep on posting about the browser games just like before, nothing will change there. You would just see more frequent posts beacuse I would also cover the same type of games (puzzle/interesting) on mobile. But first I would like to hear how you, the bontegames visitor, feel about this.
So please take a second to tick the poll below and/or leave a comment, thank you!

Would you like to see mobile games here on the bontegames blog (besides the browser games)?
Yes, but only free mobile games
Yes, free and paying mobile games
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Anonymous said...

I kinda don't have a phone, so if you're going to do something like this make sure theyre categorized well

ScandiOne said...

I'd say the same as anonymous.

Maybe on separate pages, so we can maintain a link to i.e. 'only browser games' in the bookmarks.

I always feel slight disappointed reading a recommandation of a game, just to discover it's for 'iPhone only' or similar.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind free and paid mobile games, but would appreciate if none of them were freemium.

Anonymous said...

Put the new Minoto game on here. Cute Duckling 7.

Tom said...

My suggestion would be to provide some convenient way to filter out the mobile-only posts (and vice versa). Two separate blogs might be the simplest solution, or you could add tags to each post indicating "mobile" vs. "desktop" and then provide a tag filter.

Goat said...

As with the first anon, I dont have a phone either, and its often depressing seeing a multitude of mobile games that I dont have access to. So, if anything, do what Mads said. Your website is one of my most visited, because I love to get updated on new games, and its always nice to be up one sleepless night and click the little bookmark for bontegames and play the newest game. That feeling wont be diminished by adding mobile games, but it would just be a little disappointing to not be able to play them, at least for me and all the non-phoners. But, let the phoners be able to check out games you think are worthy of their time, you are great at that.

Leslie said...

Hey, I've been following your site since I was 12, (now I'm 20, where did the time go?), and I've always loved your taste in games. It's been sad for me to see the dwindling content on here, and I think you posting mobile games is a great substitute! Thank you so much for all you do.

Bart said...

Thanks for the massive response!
After one day the results are:
- 76% want to see mobile games on bontegames besides the browser games
- 70% of mobile games voters want to see only free mobile games

So (free) mobile games are coming to bontegames too and I will try to make a good distinction between browser and mobile (a seperate page is not possible).
Thank you!
And on to many more years of bontegames! :)

Kata said...

I don't play mobile games so far, but go on and share them Bart - I'm visiting your blog for years and love your Bonte Games as well as the others - I very much appreciate your effort in finding games for us and taking care for this site and who knows, could be that I'm a coming mobile player per your suggestions :)

Rava said...

So sad to see in the geographical map of the results that Italy is almost completely white!
Am I the only one regularly following this blog from here? Surely not!

Noga said...

thank you for your dedication to this blog!
It had been my go-to site for the past six years and I've loved nearly every game you've posted in those years!

Thank you so much!

Cak said...

Hi Bart,

yes, in fact there have been less posts this year. But nevertheless, thank you very much for each of them. So far it is a good idea to post mobile games too.

In my special case it is a little bit ... frustrating. Since I'm using Microsoft mobile devices only (and neither I'm going to change to another platform nor I have a choice in doing that) the mobile games are not useful to me in most cases (or did I miss all the windows phone posts?).

In some cases, when the comments on your site sound interesting or challenging to me, I check the name of a game on the microsoft store. And yes, in less and less cases there is a hit for a windows mobile instance of the games. Of course, you are not responsible for this development. But for me there is one question I kindly ask you to think about: Browser games are suitable for (nearly) all platforms whereas mobile games are not.

I know, you are going to post mobile games additionally to the browser games. Anyway, there will be no browser games one day. And then, we have fully turned back to platform depending times (and I'm no more playing and puzzling).

But if I was you, I guess, I would do the same;-)


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