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October 30, 2016

hidden my game by mom [mobile]

Ok then, let's try those new mobile game links, here comes the first one! Mom doesn't like you're playing your portable video game so she hid it. It's up to you to find it back in each level of the wonderfully quirky mobile puzzle game 'hidden my game by mom' full of gags by Hap Inc.
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William Hu said...

This game is hilarious! I love how it subverts the usual expectations for point'n'click games. Really funny, really random, a lot of fun. On stage 17 and looking forward to playing through the rest.

Anonymous said...

This game is amazing!!

isnahansi said...

I love it...
nice music

Anonymous said...

cool game, thanks Bart for posting this :)

colinbashbash said...


Test said...

Very creative from start to finish. Absolutely loved the ending.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that put the egg in the microwave and poured oil on the fire just to see what would happen? 😝

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help with number 27?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 05:16

Level 27 SPOILER:

1) Take the potato from the left cupboard.
2) Drag the potato onto the pot and collect the fries.
3) Go to the next screen.
4) Drag the fries onto Mom.
5) Double-tap the pillow on the sofa to collect it.
6) Go back to the first screen.
7) Place the pillow on the pot.
8) Return to the second screen.
9) Collect the game from the second pillow on the sofa.

Hope this helps! This level doesn't really make sense to me either.

Anonymous said...

Any one a tip for 28. I get stuck with 6 salmon roles

Bart said...

For level 28 take a look in the settings menu...


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