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May 22, 2015

fruit kitchens #21 chocolate vine violet

Find seven chocolate vines to get out in the latest escape the room game by Funkyland: fruit kitchens #21 chocolate vine violet.

May 21, 2015

busy busy beaver

Help busy busy beaver to run, jump and eat (z-key) his way through 30 levels for his home renovations in this puzzle platformer by Daniel Linssen. (note: the game does not save your progress when you quit it)

May 20, 2015


After many years, Neutral is back with a large escape the room game for your enjoyment: elements. (English game page here)


Use the spectrite stones and your trusty slingshot in your quest to find the cure that could save your sister in the puzzle platformer iridescent by PixlWalkr. (Press TAB in the game to view all the controls)

May 18, 2015

lights up!

A new escape the room challenge by Vitamin Hana. Solve all the puzzles to escape in lights up!.

May 15, 2015


Find and rescue your companion while coming face to face with hungry dinosaurs in a prehistoric jungle in the point and click adventure theropods by Valerofond, Seething Swarm, Tiny Stuffz and ZStriefel.

May 14, 2015

escape from escape game

Escape from escape game: Have you got what it takes to escape from the room in this escape the room game by Eucalytree?

May 12, 2015


Fill the grid in every level by dragging on the tiles from the side you are allowed in this new puzzle game spreadset by Logical Cell.

the roof

I hope you're handy because you will have to fix the roof before you can escape in the latest escape game by Maymay.

alien crab in the ghostmaze

You are an alien crab and you were told that the most powerful weapon in the universe was hidden in this maze. Find out if it is that epic in alien crab in the ghostmaze by Xaychru.

May 11, 2015

pling pling

Increpare made a new tool to 'draw' your own pinball game: pling pling. Why don't you try to make something and share your creations in the comments? Here's a silly thing I made with pling pling.


Try to match the symbols on top by moving the endpoints of the rope in the puzzle game rop by MildMania.

castle of deception

Use a developer console with cheats to beat every level in the puzzle platformer castle of deception made in 24 hours for the Geekopolis jam by Deepnight.

May 08, 2015

down is up

Sometimes down is up when trying to get to the exit in each screen of this puzzle platformer by Inversion.

May 05, 2015

touch pianist

A musical toy that allows you to perform hard-to-play classical piano music just by tapping the rhythm of the piece on your keyboard: touch pianist by Batuhan Bozkurt.


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