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April 24, 2015

the tale of doris and the dragon - episode 1

The tale of Doris and the dragon - episode 1 by Arrogant Pixel is a point and click adventure about an elderly lady named Doris who finds herself in Purgatory after passing away on earth. (note: click and hold on things/people to choose between look or interact)


Michelle said...

I'm not even far in and I'm already stuck. Annoying that you sometimes click Doris because she walks to where you click :/

Also; first ;)

PiCat said...

I finally figured out the inventory. Great game, but it should have had more information at the beginning besides 'press and hold to examine things'.

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck after killing the daemon. I can't interact with it to search it for the coin I need, I didn't find a coin while inside, and the new items I have don't seem to interact with anything on the outside.

Does anyone know how to proceed?

Michelle said...

Anon 19:16, you have to examine the skeleton arm ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michelle, I might never have found that on my own!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of clicking :-/

Peter said...

Beautiful game, but interface is a bit tough.

Yvonne said...

For those who are tone deaf like me

colinbashbash said...

yea, tone deaf. fun though

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of old king's quest or space quest.
tips: walk farther, calm down your clicking, & turn up the sound.
BTW 2 people die every second so that ferry needs to be fuller & faster.

Slug said...

I give this game 2 1/2 out of 5.

Good content and story line. I liked the interactions between characters. I found myself wanting to know the rest of the story. +5

The interface sucks! I certainly would not pay for this game. Too clunky and too many clicks to take action of any kind. I also dislike games that make you walk from end to end just to interact with something that you could not before. Give me directional arrows and skip all the walking! Such a waste of time. Give me some real content to make the game longer not just watching pixels walk across the scene. - 2 1/2

Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing.


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