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April 20, 2015

tap tap tap, a follow-up post

Tap tap tap, my mobile 'endless music action extravaganza', was released exactly three weeks ago, so it's time for a little follow-up post. First of all thanks everyone who already downloaded the app. You gave the game a warm welcome: the average app store user rating is 4.8/5.0!
Now some highlights of press attention for the game: The Guardian had it in their best Android games of the week and Mac Life picked it as a best iOS game of the week. The game was also featured on PocketGamer and reviewed on JayIsGames.
If you have not yet downloaded tap tap tap on your phone or tablet, pick it up now, it's totally free, from the Apple app store, Google Play or the Amazon app store using the buttons below:

So thanks for your tapping! Besides, what is YOUR highscore?


Carly said...

Is that picture of Obama with your game real?

FadhilKwan said...

You're welcome, Bart. I really enjoyed the game too :D

Also, is there any plan for an update ? Nothing, i'm just curious

Cheers :)

Oh, also my high score is 1092

Bart said...

What do you think Carly? :)

Bart said...

Really Fadhillah, 1092? Wow, excellent, that is very impressive!
Are you on Android? On iOS the Game Center top score is for the moment 474.

Carly said...

Well, if it is, I am duly impressed! :)

Bart said...

Well I will have to disappoint you Carly, it's a little joke from me.

FadhilKwan said...

@Bart Oh yes, i use an Android smartphone. Thank you!! :D
Also i really didn't expect that news. That's just incredible :) .

FadhilKwan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Bart that picture with President Obama is hilarious! XD

Your game is great, and my nephews love playing it; excellent work :)

Anonymous said...

well done bart

Vic said...

Proficiat! Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch! Toutes mes f├ęlicitations!

Well done Bart :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't play it yet, but
congrats Bart!! :)

Carly said...

You never know, Bart. He's got a lot on his mind right now and might look for some distraction. For all you know he "could" be playing your game! ;)


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