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September 14, 2013

clickplay time

The play button has gone missing once more. So it's time to go searching for it in each of the scenes in Ninjadoodle's latest: clickplay time.


Anonymous said...

FIRST! I love Ninjadoodle games!

tantricCatnip said...

I don't get level 12...

tantricCatnip said...

Never mind... You add up the sides that you do/don't see. :3

Anonymous said...

I don't understand level 16.

tantricCatnip said...

@Anon: Take a look at the corners of the picture... Do they seem a little... Different? Like maybe they've been creased from folding?

Anonymous said...


1. Pull down the zipper on the jacket.

2. Homer & Marge

3. X on the heart above the 1st cat. Nothing on the 2nd. X on the heart above the 3rd. Nothing on the 4th. X on the vacuum above the 5th. Nothing on the 6th.

4. 5707

5. Ok, this level is a pain. I'll explain it the best that I can. The numbers are the order that you click the lights.
01 02 05 04
10 09 03 06
11 12 08 07

6. Finn & Jake

7. Up, right, down, right, up, up, left, left.

8. 1524

9. Click on the clock until the alarm goes off. Pull the worm up to get the key. Click on the chest. Click on one of the cloths to clean the monocle.

10. Bert & Ernie

11. Don't click the 1st panel. Click the 2nd panel 3 times.
Click the 3rd panel 1 time. Click the 4th panel 2 times.

12. 9766

13. This one is tricky. The only thing to do is click the ninjas in the order that they appear.

14. Shrek & Donkey

15. Ok, this one is also a pain. I can't even really explain this one.

16. 1347

17. Jo, Carmen, Kate,
Megan, Abigail, Amy

18. Shaggy & Scooby

19. Go right and pick up one red.
Go left, drop off the red and pick up a yellow. Go right again to drop off a yellow and pick up a red. Repeat until all of the yellows are on the yellow island and all of the reds are on the red island.

20. 2896

I hope this helps anybody who gets stuck. I apologize for now being able to explain level 15.

tantricCatnip said...

For level 15: You have to remove all the arrows using exactly 17 moves. That means one extra move. I've set it up like this:


As for the order of removal: Click on aefb (b will then be in the f position), cgqm, lpok, then fjnhd.

Anonymous said...

@ Holly Morales,
You are awesome. I knew that there had to be a simple way to explain level 15. Thank you!!!!

tantricCatnip said...

@Anon: You're very welcome! ^-^

Anonymous said...

1347 doesn't work for me on level 16...

tantricCatnip said...

Here's a bit of a more in-depth look at some of the levels:

3 - "Pet Hates" Take a lesson from the name, here. What does a cat hate? Click those.

4 - "Turn yo Brain" The directions say to use the clues to solve the code, and the clues on this level are "LOLS" and "180 degrees". So, turn the "LOLS" around by 180 degrees, and what do you get? (( 5707 ))

5 - "All Lit Up" Look at these cute little bulbs! I bet they'd look cuter lit up! Unfortunately, they only stay on if you turn them on in the right order. The first hint you have is one of them calling for your attention in the corner. Click that one, and he'll look at the next bulb quickly. Follow their eyes and you'll soon have them all shining!

7 - "Mazed In" Oops, got a maze here! The clue says "Red leads the way! Blue leads astray!" So, we're looking for red arrows (or things resembling arrows). You start with a cutie in a red hat, pointing up. Next is a box with a blue arrow pointing left. Move it out of the way, and there'll be a red arrow showing you the way right! Now we come across a sign that says "NEWS". These letters, while being a word that means current events, can also mean the points of a compass. Look closely, and you'll see that the "S" (south) is in red! Hehe, red hat guy got sleepy. He's pointing right. Four arrows now, pointing in all directions. Light them up for the color! Follow the red up! This leads you to a room with a red square and two small red triangles. Hm. They don't seem to be pointing in a direction you can follow. Maybe if you click on them all... Yes! They lead you up! Finally, we find a cute little chirping bird facing left, followed by a crooked sign. Click it twice to be shown to the left!

8 - "Crossing Over" This looks to be a little tricky, doesn't it? Don't worry! Each symbol is a number, with its mirror image superimposed on top of it! (( 1524 ))

12 - "Counting Hurts" This one confused me for a bit. But, I get it now! A and D show eyes that can see, B and C show eyes that cannot. So, in each picture, count up the numbers on the dice that you can or cannot see, depending which square you're in. (( 9766 ))

13 - "1st in, 1st Out" It's the ninjas! You need to click them in order of how they popped up. There are three sets of them, the first has three, the second five, and the third has seven of the little cuties. Don't worry if you mess up a few times, it isn't randomized! For the first set, from the left click 2 1 3. Second set: 2 4 5 1 3. The third set, (and I'm going to just add 6 and 7, left and right respectively) 1 5 3 6 7 2 4.

16 - "Funky Corners" The arrows point at corners, but what could they be referring to? Look at the corners of the poster. See how they seem to be shaded a bit differently? Like they might have a crease where they were constantly folded over? Check it out! (( 1374 ))

17 - "Naming Mixup" Aww, how cute! Sextuplets! Take a look at their dresses. The number of stripes directly corresponds to the length of their names!

20 - "Backward Calendar" Here you have four calendar months, their abbreviations spelled backwards. Follow the arrow and enter the number that corresponds to each month. (( 2896 ))

Anonymous said...

It doesn't work for me, either. I thought maybe it was 1739 (where, on a phone, the numbers have those corners, but that didn't work, either.

Anonymous said...

I figured it out, you have to pull pack the corners on level 16 in order for the code to work

Anonymous said...

Liked it! Thanks Bart!

Anonymous said...

Video Walkthrough

Coffeeteamix said...

I love Ninjadoodle, but I felt this time it was a little unfair for those of us who did not grow up watching American cartoons =/

NotMarian said...

Yay, it's click play time.

NotMarian said...

I thought #14 was Yoda and somebody. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't spell Yoda. ! :)

Pips said...

15 the arrows move in the direction they are pointing. The aim is to make them all exit the square within the 17 moves allowed.

Unfortunately on 13 the order of the ninjas is random and changes every time :-( Took me ages to do it.

Anonymous said...

I used a hint on 13. Otherwise it was great as usual.

Unknown said...

This game was...interesting.

Unknown said...

When I submitted my score, I saw I was first for this day, week, and month, and 12th overall!

Anonymous said...

The Answer To # 16 is Actually 1374

Anonymous said...

I don't get number 4


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