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July 03, 2012

green love

Point and click all the right spots to advance in the latest point and click adventure by BeGamer: green love.


Anonymous said...

Somebody has to say it so I will.



Anonymous said...

That was really easy. I get the "Happy End". Is there another one and how do you get it?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

ugh. I can't get past the crying female frog. Hints?

Anonymous said...

@ Nikki, to get past the crying frog click the leaves on the left and another frog will come out. Then click the leaves on the right to get a cell phone. Click the little badge on the phone and the cop-frog will come. After that you have to match up a head, body and feet to get the right sketch of the bird.

If you need any more help let me know. I'll try to post a full workthrough once I figure out if there's another ending.

Anonymous said...

Finish...Great Game! :)

Aw man!!! said...

Aw man. I am so unlucky. I am eighth. Eighth is pretty bad. Even though tomorrow is my cousins eighth birthday.

Anonymous said...

Scene 1:
Click the frog.
Click the stork's eyes.
Click the frog again.

Scene 2:
Click the rock.
Click the frog.

Scene 3:
Click the stick.
Click the snake.
Click the frog.

Scene 4:
Click the grey fish.
Click the blue fish.
Click the frog.

Scene 5:
From left to right click the 1st leaf and the 5th leaf to get a fly from behind each one.
Click the frog.

Scene 6:
Click the birds.
Click the cloud on the right.
Click the cloud on the left.
Click the frog.

Scene 7:
Click the leaves on the left to get another frog to show up.
Click the leaves on the right to get a cell phone.
Click the badge on the phone.
Click the call button to get the cop-frog to come.

Scene 8:
Click the cop-frog to get the stork sketch.
The beak is the long pointy one.
The body is the half-oval.
The legs are the long skinn ones.
Click the lady-frog.

Scene 9:
Click the flower.
Click the berry.
Click the frog.

Scene 10:
Click the bush.
Click the stick.
Click the pear.
Click the frog.

Scene 11:
Click the frog to get off of the snail.
Click the lilypad that's in the center of the left most row.
Click the left facing lobster to cut the stem.
Click the frog.

Scene 12:
Click the purple bottle.
Click the bule container.
Click the band-aids.
Click the big pink container.
Click the gauze.
Click the stork.

Scene 13:
Click the stork on the right.
Click the bubble until it shows the stork flying into the tree.
Click the big stork
Click the bubble until it shows the frog.
Click the big stork.

Scene 14:
Click the grass to get the key.
Click the key.
Click the tire.
Click the frog.

Scene 15:
Click the bird.
Click the tailgate of the truck.
Click the screwdriver.
Click the panel.
Click the switch.
Click the frog.

Scene 16:
Click all of the trash except for the bottle above the frog and the paper that's flying.
Click the bin.
Wait for the trash people to pick up the bin.
Click the frog.

Scene 17:
Click the key below the spider.
Click the lock.
Click the gate.
Click the rat.
Click the frog.

Scene 18:
Click the lights.
Click the wrench.
Click the bolts.
Click the panel.
Click the frog.

Scene 19:
Click the circut board.
Click the walkway.
Click the frog.

Scene 20:
Click the clock.
Click the worker.
Click the bag.
Click the frog.
Click the car.

Scene 21:
Click the bag.
Click the hat.
Click the window crank.
Click the frog.

Scene 22:
Click the cop-frog.
Click the birds.
Click the left most leaf.


That gives you the "Happy End".
If I find another ending I'll post what it is and how to get it.

Anonymous said...

Oops..... On Scene 8 it should say "skinny" not "skinn".

Lizzie! said...

I got the happy end, also. Cute, fun and easy.

Anonymous said...

Happy end too! n_n!

Anonymous said...

This was a very cool game! One of the first times that I didn't need a walktrough ;)

Anonymous said...

AND on scene 12 it should say blue not bule.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4 July 2012 00:14,
THANK YOU! I didn't even see that typo. I was trying to play the game and type at the same time. :

Random!!!! said...

Scene 20 didn't let me klik the car!

Anonymous said...

I cant get past the part where you're in the bag, I know you have to click the car, but nothing happens when I do. Did I do something wrong? I clicked the clock, clicked the guy, clicked the bag, clicked the frog, and now I'm stuck. Help please!!


-k said...

I also got stuck in the bag, but managed to, eventually, click the left side of the bag and then, after the man grabs the bag, click the car.

Anonymous said...

cute and short <3

Another typo! said...

@ anonymous 4 july 03:04: There was another typo in that walkthrough: You should click the clock, Click the guy, click the bag, click the frog, then click the bag again, then click on the car.

anna in spain said...

Cute, easy but not obvious enough to be boring.


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