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July 13, 2012

lee-lee's quest 2

Lee-Lee is back for more sarcastic platforming in Lee-Lee's quest 2 by Marcus Richert.


Anonymous said...

Controls are a bit sketchy but enjoyable thus far.

Pam said...

ahaha I adore this game, glad they made a sequal, it's super funny. As usual, I cannot pass the boss level, whats the trick?

Anonymous said...

For the boss level, you need to jump so that you are in the air when the boss hits the ground. The boss will be stunned by the hit, and you can then jump on him 3-4 times before he wakes up. It takes maybe 4-5 cycles of doing this.

Pam said...

Thanks Anonymous!:) ill try that some day, today got too frustrated already hehe. Actually, I want to pass it coz im sure he will say something ridiculous in the end!

GeoRioux said...

I forgot about the 1st game of Lee Lee. I love the interaction voices in the game always makes me laugh...and yes I am in my 40s and love Atari games ;).

Star Rating:

GP = *****
Music = ***
Graphic = ***

Coming back to play this again :).

Rava said...

One of the craziest games I've ever played! Thanks for sharing!

"Guys, I can see the green screen"! XD

Anonymous said...

the boss is stupid and too hard

tam said...

I am useless but the game is great, especially because I don't mind dying 300000 times!
thanks for sharing, Bart :)


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