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August 16, 2011

escape from mr. k's room 3

Tesshi-e prepared another room for your point and click enjoyment. Can you escape from mr. k's room 3? (note: you can switch the language in the opening screen).


Rob said...

made it!

Anonymous said...

Hm, the game says "swf loaded", but then nothing happens

-k said...

Took me awhile to figure out which clues were linked to which puzzles, but it was fun! Thanks Bart!

Anonymous said...

fun game, out without help :)

Anonymous said...

I never manage to get out of a room without help... until now.

Jack said...

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Oh a stick, ball, and remote.

Moving on.

Anonymous said...

I need Help on how to do this......

Anonymous said...

solved like 4 puzzles then i found out you can turn the game to english. just push the functions button on the screen.

Anonymous said...

and out pretty easy got stuck on the sun cabinet forever. but after that easy as pie.

PyroLuna said...

wait where's the stick!

Rava said...

O.U.T.! :D

@PyroLuna: Look around the furniture with the clock and the snow cone maker

Jack said...

Tried it again. Not much better in english.
A key hidden in the remote?!?!

It's one those games.

Anonymous said...

The game started on a screen with a couch to the right and some cabinets on the left...and there I still am clicking aimlessly and NOTHING is happening. PASS!

Anonymous said...


Clock view
zoom left of cubboard and pick up stick
notice locked cb and you need to solve lots of puzzles

turn right - car view
zoom on side table and pick up WHITE BALL 1
look out of the window - what a flashy blue car and take note of
number 7429
look under the sofa pillows and see clue Y=2G

turn right - door view
zoom on shelves and make a note of the roman numbered
also on top you need to solve the green puzzle
the plant you cannot reach yet!

turn right - TV view
look under TV and find REMOTE - open it and take KEY
also notice the 3 shapes (filled triangle, empty circle, empty
toggle left picture acc. shelve clue for BATTERIS - notice
black shape there too (solution below)
put batteries in remote and turn TV on
go through all the channels and make a note of the”programs”

turn to clock view and get the SD
open the clock and solve the puzzle acc. the TV clue (sol. below)
get your 2ND BALL and notice the numbers are letters now
open the left cb with key and get a BULB and an ICE CUBE
solve the bird-cb acc. tv clue (sol.below) and get BALL THREE
and see a funny looking machine
open the sun cb and find BALL FOUR and another machine
and a BOWL and part of STICK
still in this view put the ice on the machine on top of cb and the bowl
under machine - crush the ice and you have ice in the bowl - take
it and also take the left over block of ice from machine

turn to shelf view and solve the green puzzle for a LIQUID
(sol. below)

put Bulb behind the “toggled” picture and see a RED NUMBER

put the 2 Sticks together and get your 5th BALL from hanging plant

take the iceblock and pour some green liquid on it - see a green number

now for coloring our balls - turn to the sun cubboard
and put in number for blue (remember car)
color all the balls acc. the clues and then put it in middle cb
according TV clue (sol bel)

put them in the right order and you get a KEY

you can get to the door and get OUT
but if you want to get the happy coin - you have to go back….
but I leave that to you -lol-

picture TR,BL,BL,TL,TL,BL

clock: rrlrllrl

bird-cb: LT,BR,BR,BL,BR,TR
Green puzzle: look where papers are in the shelve and highlight those

Color numbers
blue 7429
red 8166
green 3517
yellow (2xG) 7034

order GRWBY

NotMarian said...

Very fun. I only needed a clue about the green puzzle. Couldn't understand the paper clue.

Anonymous said...

I cnt ndrsnd th wlkthrg. T mny abrvtns. Cnt fgr ut wat nbr. to pt in th thrd cbnt to opn it. Arg!

Anonymous said...

To open the third cabinet you need to convert the word "Sun" into numbers.

Eviltot said...

How on earth do you open the sun cupboard??????

dyork said...

Classic escape game with 11 different codes to find and use.

Not too hard, nothing special, just a pleasant distraction.

Complaint: the incessant variations on 'nothing to see here' are just irritating.

Me/You said...

And done! Nice one... For the sun cupboard, Anonymous 05:23 has right... Where have seen a combination numbers->letters before?

Amy said...

@Anonymous 11:32
mine says the same exact thing. it says its loaded but nothing happens, and i cant click anywhere so i cant play the game.

Bart said...

That's really strange, don't you have an opening/start button below?

Tim said...

Arrrgh! There's a Happy Coin somewhere that I can't find. I've received the key to the door; can't use it yet or the game ends. TV Channel 12 now displays "HAPPYCOIN" but I don't know where to go from there to get the actual coin.

Tim said...

Nevermind; what you see on the TV screen is a clue


Got it, out (with a cold beer...)

I said...

i can't get the batteries out... poor me... no game for me... again...

Anonymous said...

Wait, did anyone say first?!

Anonymous said...

sounds like your talking about a dif game again. sigh.


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