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August 31, 2011

basement escape

Just a few codes hinder your basement escape. Can you get out of there?


Nina said...

Short but sweet. No help needed!

Anonymous said...

Out ;)

ZA said...

What to do with the numbers in second room?

ZA said...

Got it!

ZA said...

Fun little game :-)

JAck said...

The first puzzle was the white page the link takes you to.

Click the "「脱出ゲーム 地下空間からの脱出]のミラーページ" to get to the game.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what to do with the maze puzzle.

Jack said...

The maze will trace the combo numbers.

The digital code clue got me for a few min.

Anonymous said...

easy one, but nice ^^

lac515 said...

can't get the numbers right with the second room help!!!!

lac515 said...

never mind i figured it out lol, good game

Anonymous said...


ROOM 1: Take ROD from behind the barred door. Turn right. Use the rod on the rocks to get KEY 1. Turn right. Use KEY 1 on blue box. Press the button in the box. Go froward into ROOM 2.

ROOM 2: There are three doors in this room the code for the door on the left can be found on the right hand wall by the blue box. To get the code picture four digital number 8's. Take away the lines shown in the boxes to get the code number. Enter that number into the code box by the left hand room. Press the button in the box and go into that room.

LEFT ROOM: Turn right to see the code on the wall. 0= Up and 1 = Down. Use this code on the safe to get KEY 2. Exit this room to go back to ROOM 2.

ROOM 2: Use KEY 2 on the blue box. Press button in the box. Move forward into RIGHT ROOM.

RIGHT ROOM: Turn right to see the maze puzzle on the wall. Move your mouse arrow through the maze to get the code number for the safe. Use that number to open the safe and get the HANDLE. Go back to ROOM 2.

ROOM 2: Use HANDLE on the hole by the center door. Click it to make the door go up. Go forward into the CENTER ROOM.

CENTER ROOM: Get KEY 3 from the pillar. This will make the door close. Look at the back of the door to get the code number for the purple box. Enter the number to get the FAKE KEY. Use the FAKE KEY on the pillar to make the door go back up. Go back into ROOM 1.

ROOM 1: Use KEY 3 on the barred door and you're out.

Code for the LEFT ROOM is 6891

Code for safe in the LEFT ROOM is

Code for the safe in the RIGHT ROOM is 2520

Code for the purple box is 7435

Anonymous said...

How do you decipher the code for the second room?

Anonymous said...

@ 2nd Anon 16:38,

Which room do you need help with? To get to the second room all you need is the key that's under the rock.

Joaybean said...

Great quick game. perfect for a short mind break (ie work)

Anonymous said...

Now this is the type of escape game I enjoy. No pixel hunting thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 16:45

Anonymous said...

It is always nice to play these type of games. short with a bit of thinking involved.

Anonymous said...

Easy, but enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

way easy. but its a pretty good one. that last

Mary said...

still staring at white screen. i dont see 「脱出ゲーム 地下空間からの脱出]のミラーページ link anywhere on the page

Anonymous said...

It did that to me earlier. Try it again in a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

Not bad, but way too easy for me I'm afraid.

Still, a well constructed game.

Rava said...

Easy, but well done!

The "labyrinth" hint was very nice!

Liked this game said...

This is a fairly simple yet fun game. Must admit, I did get tripped up on the digital number code though.
Kind of reminds me of Myst games, for some reason.
Thanks for the post!

BenL said...

Good short escape the room!

Margaret said...

That was a fun and simple escape game! I must admit I was trying to make it harder than it was, but not overthinking it is key!

CheddarMelt said...


Seriously though--very short and predictable, but fun.

mb said...

According to other escape rooms,this one is a piece of cake! :D

dyork said...

Not really my thing -- too easy. I like 'em a bit longer, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Easy breezy lemon squeezy.

I couldn't believe the last code was just...there. Written on the door. I was waiting for a big complicated catch. Just a fake key you had to put back.

Fun tho!


Rob said...

Nice and easy game.

Carly said...

Fun and very easy. There's really no need for a walkthrough - people who get stuck just need to think a bit and not give up so easily. This was one of the easiest if not the easiest escape game I've ever played.

PK said...

Short and easy -- but that's not a bad thing. Some escape puzzles are "serious business," where you're expected to devote half an hour to figuring out all of the intricate puzzles and tests. This is more of an "afternoon snack" -- a cute diversion when you're procrastinating on getting work done but only want to waste 5-10 minutes.

It's put together well, there's no pixel hunting, and all of the puzzles are intuitively solvable. It's easy, but not so easy that you don't still have to think a little bit. Thumbs up.

backgammon said...

Thank you for giving us the link to the game and thanks for giving the walkthrough. Without the walkthrough I wouldn't have found the rod and use it on the rocks.


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