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August 09, 2011

dismantlement: toy japanese portable church

A new dismantle puzzle: armed with only a screwdriver, can you dismantle the Japanese toy in dismantlement: toy Japanese portable church?


Anonymous said...

Good game..... :)

lac515 said...

i love these games.

Anonymous said...

@ lac515,

I agree 100%. I LOVE THESE!

@ Bart,

Thank you so much for adding this one!


xcalibur said...

This was by far the easiest one of the dismantlement series.

Anonymous said...

ah!! no one yet...

Good game!
Love dismantlements!

cliffty said...

done! that was fairly manageable :)

Megan said...

Oh no - you're all saying it's easy??? I'm stuck and I haven't even done anything yet! Can someome please give a hint for the first step?

Anonymous said...

@megan just figured it out myself, the first step envlolves the bells

Anonymous said...


Make shure that you have the speakers on your computer on.

FIRST PUZZLE: Click bells on the ropes. In the bell box put in the number of bells that ring.
A/G side - 2
N side - 1
Blank side - 2
Z side - 3
Remove the screws. Click the top to remove it.

SECOND PUZZLE: Look at the letters on the corners. There are empty circles between them. Those line up with the letters between the ones on the corners.
A/G side - D
N side - K
Blank side - Q
Z side - W
Remove the screws. Click top to remove it.

THIRD PUZZLE: Open the doors to look at the birds. The number boxes go with the birds. Count the birds in EACH door so you get the right number.
\/ side - 1
>< side - 4
-- side - 2
/\ side - 3
Remove the screws. Click top to remove it.

FOURTH PUZZLE: Look at the steps. When you click them two colors appear along with a letter box. Look into the box above the large bird. there is a colored grid. The colors go with the ones on the steps.
G/O side(bird facing you) - M
G/B/O side - B
G/O side (bird facing away) - W
R/G/O side - E
Remove the screws.

Have the large bird facing you. Click him. Note the positions that the signs stop at. Go to the flap below him. You will see a grid with 9 circles. In the middle is the bird's face. Click the bottom left and right circles then the face. Click the middle left and right circles then the face. Click the upper left and right circles then the face. Click the upper center circle then the face. Remove the screws. Click the top to remove.

THE BOMB: Open the bomb. Look at the faces of the birds. The letter that goes in the box is N. Click the off switch then the timer. Remove the screw.


Anonymous said...

Yessss!!! These are the best! I'm goin' in!


Anonymous said...

Easy and cute. I like it!

Anonymous said...

FYI: I don't really know how I figured out that the letter was N. It was pretty much just trial and error until I didn't blow up. :)

Megan said...

I love that there exists a game where you have to count the eyebrows on baby chicks! so silly!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Did it with not a single explosion! So proud of myself. Anyone need hints?

Anonymous said...

Oh, never mind...someone posted an entire walkthrough already. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

ok i finished. ill admit i used a walkthrough on 1 puzzle (2nd lock, the one with letters) when i use a walkthrough i try to go back to see if i can make sense of it but even still with the answer i have no clue how they got those numbers. anyhow, rest of the puzzles were a sinch. at the bomb i blew up once with a random guess but then i finally figured out how to do it. i love these games my fav series

Anonymous said...

why was the answer to the bomb puzzle "n"?

Anonymous said...

To get the N just connect the chicks in the order given above the faces

Geert said...

Eindelijk een dismantlement die ik helemaal alleen kon uitspelen, zonder hints en zonder explosie.
Thx Bart.

Joe said...

Yea, I don't see how the 2nd puzzle works. Even with the solution posted above.

Joe said...

Letters on the corners meaning the one's on the red posts? Circles between I think I see. I do not see any other "letters between the ones on the corners" to line up with.

Anonymous said...

First Dismantlement puzzle I've been able to do the bomb part on my own! :P

Anonymous said...

Starting with the A on the left post and moving to the right, count the circles in between the posts; each one stands for the letters in the alphabet, and you have to determine which letter corresponds to the circle in the middle, where the code box is. there are 26 positions, including the posts (note how A and Z are next to each other?)


Joe said...

Thanks Lizzie! Makes perfect sense now!

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough was posted way too pre-maturely. is there any way bart that you can hide spoiler comments?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing. I'm the one who made the walkthrough. I made it as I was playing the game and I would have loved to be able to hide it somehow for the people who didn't want to use it right away. It would be really nice if there was a way to do that.

Jessica said...

This is sad, even with the walkthrough I can't do it - the very first step of the walkthrough makes no sense to me. Bell box? Are you talking about that round thing on the top center? If so, how do you put the number in in? open, move to first number, close, open, set second number, etc... or open and move to each number all at one time? I tried both, neither worked. Oh well..

Anonymous said...


looking at the front of the church . ring all 4 bells and note how many ring, put that number in the box.

turn right & do the same. then the back side, the the other. they'll all be different.

JackSparrow said...

That was awesome! thanks Bart
I just love these dismantlements it's 3 am here and I just saw it so I had to solve that. was kinda easy, maybe I'm starting to see through their system

Anonymous said...

very easy
did the bomb part in 15 seconds

Jack said...

THE BOMB: Open the bomb. Look at the faces of the birds. The letter that goes in the box is N.

Look at the faces of the birds???
Huh? There was each type here.

Oh well...didn't know I was supposed to take notes.

Bart said...

Sorry, there's no way to hide spoilers on this commenting system. But when you clearly indicate you're posting a walkthrough like you did, that should not be a problem.

-k said...

@ Jack:

You don't have to take notes. You just have to imagine a line drawn from one chick to another (as pictured right below the Bomb) based on their descriptor.

Bottom Left to Upper Left to bottom Right to Upper Right.


If the X's represent the chicks and the lines represent the path from one to another, like so:

2X 3X
|\ |
| \ |
| \|
1X 4X

-k said...

Except of course that I screwed it up when I "drew" it.

It should be

2X 4X
|\ |
| \|
1X 3X

Rava said...

Out!... I mean, dismantled! :D
These games are simply THE BEST!

I said...

Can't play.... broken speakers...... so sad..... so, so sad......

JackSparrow said...


you only need sound for the first puzzle, so you can see the walkthrugh for it and then continue normally

Thijs said...

Oke, the bells go on a rampage when I play it. As soon as I zoom in and out all the sounds start playing and if I repeat only more bells and drums get added.

Don't get why others don't have this issue.

Anonymous said...

I zoomed in on something and when i backed out i got this cacophony of bells whistles and something slamming. I don't think that is normal...

KittenMitten said...

hey abclover

Anonymous said...

Are you playing the game on Google Chrome?

I did the first time and the sound of the bells and whistles just looped so I wasn't able to get past the first step. However, when I tried in on Firefox, the noise was gone and I was able to hear the bells when I ring them. :)

Jack said...

-k said...imagine a line drawn from one chick to another

So basically, it was one of the missing letters from the begining of the game, right?

Chris said...

What i want to know is

Marian said...

I don't get the fourth puzzle!! .. I can't see a colour grid anywhere near the bird ..!

CheddarMelt said...

@thijs, I had the same problem! It was a cacophony of ringing bells!

-k said...

@ Jack:

Not sure what you mean. Yes, there was a letter N involved in the beginning of the game (as where all of the letters of the alphabet), but it is totally arbitrary in relation to the last puzzle.

In the last puzzle, there are four chicks on the same screen as the bomb. If you draw a line from one chick to another, based on the "face type" clue also just under the bomb, you can get the letter "N".

Had there been no letters used at any other point in the game you could solve the final puzzle. Hence, no need for notes.

-k said...


Here's an image of the solution:

PK said...

Ah, I LOVE a good dismantlement game. It's my favorite type of flash game in existence, bar none. So this was a welcome thing to stumble across during the otherwise-horrible day I've been having.

This one was pretty easy. Essentially everything I thought to try for each puzzle was the right answer. Still, better an easy dismantlement than none at all!


evilkitty75 said...

Lol I love these dismantler games

Jessica said...

link stopped working. is it just the program i'm using (firefox) or is it not working?? :/

Bart said...

@Jessica, I just verified and the game works fine over here.


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