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January 18, 2011


Here's a little point and click exercise for you: can you escape the kodomo room?


Anonymous said...

First, for the first time. yipee

Anonymous said...

how do you win this?

Anonymous said...

oh dont worry i got it

ma said...

stuck with red triangle and circle star square thing, any help

Megan said...

look up

ma said...

did that still stuck can't figure the animal riddle too

lac515 said...

how many legs do the animals have

lac515 said...

im finished good little game

Anonymous said...


Turn right. Take PAPER.
Turn right twice. Get STUFFED ANIMAL. Plug in silver safe.
To open the safe the drawings need to be in this order from top to bottom:
Take SCISSORS and RED KEY from safe.
Look at STUFFED ANIMAL. Click it to turn it around. Use SCISSORS on threads on the back. Get RED TRIANGLE.
Go back.
Go right twice.
Click red safe.
Use RED KEY on safe. Take BATTERY and MIRROR.
Look at REMOTE. Click to turn over. Click back of REMOTE to open battery case. Put BATTERY in REMOTE. Click again to turn back over.
Go back.
Go right.
Look at hole in the roof. Look at REMOTE. Use REMOTE on hole to reveal light.
Go back.
Place MIRROR on floor where the light is hitting it.
Turn right twice. Look at yellow safe. The code for the safe is the number of legs on each animal: 824.
Take SCREWDRIVER and GREY BOX from safe.
Go back.
Go right twice. Look at the brown box on the wall. Use SCREWDRIVER on box. Take PURPLE TRIANGLE and BLUE KEY. Note the direction flags under the box. They point: R,R,L,R,L.
Go back.
Turn right twice.
Look at blue safe. Use BLUE KEY on safe. Take BINOCULARS.
Go back.
Go right twice.
Look at light in the roof. Use BINOCULARS on light. Get code: 233211.
Go back twice.
Go right three times.
Look at small box on the floor. Look at PAPER for code.
Use code from light on the box. Get BLUE TRIANGLE and TURN KEY.
Go Back.
Note colors of the shirts: BLUE, PURPLE, RED.
Look at GREY BOX. Place BLUE TRIANGLE in the first opening, PURPLE TRIANGLE in the next, and RED TRIANGLE in the last. Get GLOD KEY.
Turn right.
Look at small hole on floor. Put TURN KEY in hole. Remeber the flag code from before. Click the right and left sides of the TURN KEY in that order.
Use GOLD KEY on door and you're out!

Anonymous said...

Oops... I spelled GOLD wrong once in the walkthrough. Sorry about that everyone...

Anonymous said...


1. Pick up remote control on the floor, note that it is missing a battery
2. Go left one time, click on metal box to zoom in. Grab that octopus doll and note stitching on the back. After picking up doll, plug in the power cord.
3. Align the pictures from top to bottom with where they go in the picture to the right--(spoiler: space ship, airplane, car, submarine)--grab the scissors and "red" key.
4. Use the scissors on stitching on the octopus doll and receive a red triangle.
5. Go left two times, pick up piece of paper and note symbols.
6. Click on red box and use red key to open; grab mirror and battery.
7. Put battery into remote, go right one time and look up. Use remote to open sliding door.
8. Look back down and notice sunbeam. Place mirror in sunbeam.
9. Go left two times and follow sunbeam to brown box with newly revealed clues. Input the correct code--(hint: it's based on how many legs each revealed creature has)--grab the screwdriver and the box inside.
10. Go left two times and use the screwdriver on the small, wall-mounted box; grab the pink triangle and the "blue" key.
11. Go left two times and click on the blue box. Use the blue key to get the binoculars.
12. Go right two times and look up. Use the binoculars and note the code (233211).
13. Go left one time to the small brown box with the shapes. Use the code on the paper and the code from the sun to open box--the paper describes that each shape is represented by a number, and code explains which order to press the shapes (spoiler: star, square, square, star, circle, circle); get the blue triangle and wind-up winder thingie.
14. View the box with the triangle shapes in it. Note the drawings of the people on the wall, specifically what color their clothes are. Put the triangles into the box in the correct order (spoiler: blue, pink, red) and get the key.
15. Go right one time, note the art on the wall, then click on the small hole in the floor and put the wind-up thingie into it.
16. Turn the winder in the right combination (spoiler: the "grass" on the right of the wall depicts the proper order--R,R,L,R,L)
17. Use the gold key on the door that appears and you're out!

Ryuka said...

like it, but can't get past this animal riddle. Just see some blinking boxes. Think it's a glitch :(

Anonymous said...

Why are there two walkthroughs that are nearly the same? Did the second Anonymous not see the first walkthrough? Only one walkthrough is needed. The first one works just fine. Why is there another one? Please read the previous posts before you go posting another walktrhough that is just a copy of the first one!

lac515 said...

i don't like walkthrough posted anyways, people should just post hints and thats it

Bart said...

Still working on a hints/walkthrough hide function. Stay tuned :)
Besides working on my new game of course :)

Wind Lane said...

I liked it, thought it was fun. Not so hard that I just got stuck and couldn't move forward without help, but not so easy that I didn't need to stop and think for a bit to figure stuff out.

Part of being able to figure it out without help is being used to these kinds of games though, so I can't really say it's a great game since those are ones that beginners and the experienced can enjoy and fully solve on their own.

Anonymous said...

"Why are there two walkthroughs that are nearly the same?"

Because the first one was posted just moments before the second one and the author of the second one didn't see the first one.

Anonymous said...

Why are there two walkthroughs that are nearly the same? Did the second Anonymous not see the first walkthrough? Only one walkthrough is needed. The first one works just fine. Why is there another one? Please read the previous posts before you go posting another walktrhough that is just a copy of the first one!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the game ... the internet page is blank except for the advertisement in japanise ... why????

Anonymous said...

Cute game...just my level. Solved it on my own, and never got stuck enough to have to resort to the (two! LOL) walkthroughs.

Looking forward to your new game Bart!

Olavo said...

Anonymous 22:11:

I had the same "problem" (using Chrome). Just wait and be patient (and remember that waiting a minute may feel like an hour).

bird said...

i love room escapes, i think you should post them more often, also, i had the same problem loading the page but for some reason it showed up after a few trys.

Carly said...

A new game, yay! - Can't wait, Bart! :)

Anonymous said...


If you don't like walkthroughs don't read them! Just click the game link first instead of reading the posts. It's that simple!

Nemur said...

I found a glitch--
It seems that when inserting the triangles into the grey box, you can insert multiple triangles of the same color at once. You can fill all of them with red or any of the other colors.

Keeah said...

Out! so easy.. like comfort food for the mind.

nowayreally said...

Easy as 3.14159...

Claus said...

Actually i dont like those anonymous walkthrough posting too. it was also ok when there were only a few hints after somebody asked for them!

and please you anonymous guys.. is it so hard to qirte your name somewhere to be able to seperate your posts from each other?

by the wa. game was fun..first stuck a little bit with the golden key, but then got out

Anonymous said...

cant open the box o the floor with circel star and squer wit code 123 why ?

Wendy said...

Nice little game, i liked the fact i could figure it out on my own for a change! and very sweet.

jdoe said...

easy enough to do it without hints :)

elyanne said...

nice !

Anonymous said...

I'm from Brazil and this is the best site for games. loved the kodomo room. very interesting

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! A game I figured out without a walkthrough. I'm going to sprain my elbow by over-patting myself on the back on this one.


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