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January 07, 2011

evolving machine

Find the right spots to click and make the machine evolve in the rather small game evolving machine.


lac515 said...

first to finish yeh

Anonymous said...

Second!! Is there only one end? with the cyan machine that flies up in the space? nice!

Anonymous said...

cool and easy game :-)

Nemur said...

I got one that says "prov igjen?" I blew up part of the thing and there's a blue H.

Nemur said...

LOL nevermind... Is that german or something for continue, click it and it does go in space

PawnStar said...

Nice game, lots of fun. I look forward to this becoming something bigger, like the Grow series...

Happy 2011 Bart

fmorgana said...

"prøv igjen" is norwegian and means "try again" :D

Anonymous said...

I like this game alot! It reminds me of the Grow series from Eyemaze.

Megan said...


Wild Lilith said...

this is it?
just love ur games, Bart

Anonymous said...

quiet an easy game
i finished in ... i think 5 minutes?

Anonymous said...

Cute easy game i like it

Carly said...

cute :)

Anonymous said...

can't get past the yellow part, right after all the red buttons are set, anybody?

Anonymous said...


1. Press center of red disk.
2. Press lower half of the "T" to make the disk turn green.
3. Press center of green disk.
4. Press the upper half of the "T" to make the disk turn pruple.
5. Press center of purple disk.
6. Press the "T" to make the disk turn yellow.
7. Press center of the yellow disk.
8. Press lower left quadrant to get sparks.
9. Press center of disk.
10. Press upper right quadrant to get sparks.
11. Press center of disk.
12. Press upper left quadrant to get sparks.
13. Press center of disk.
14. Press lower right quadrant to get sparks.
15. Press extended tip to get blue light.
16. Press blue light.
17. Press lower circle to create wings.
18. Press center of blue disk to get sparks.
19. Press lower circle to get wings to move up.
20. Press upper circle to create thrust.
21. Press extended tip to turn the rocket over.
22. Watch the rocket fly.

I really hope that all of this was understanable. It was very tricky trying to type while playing the game!

nowayreally said...

I like how it ended with the Killers.

The song maker says, "It ain't so bad"
The dream maker's gonna make you mad
The spaceman says, "Everybody look down"
It's all in your mind

Anonymous said...

W00T go the killers! i love space man!!!

Anonymous said...

easy and too short, interesting though! Maybe a longer version?


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