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August 20, 2009

you vs the room

Did you bring your point and click skills? Good, because there's no reason and no explanation, it's just you vs the room.


Miss Piggy said...


Unknown said...

i did it!

thesmothete said...

It is not, strictly speaking, necessary to solve most of the puzzle to escape.

thesmothete said...


Open 3rd drawer to get screwdriver. Note that 2nd door won't open yet.
Note that mirrors above the table swivel.
Look behind table. Note #1 configuration of clock hands.
Use screwdriver to release first screw.
move to bookshelf area.
Get knife from top shelf of bookshelf.
Look at middle of bookshelf and note #3 configuration of clock hands.
Note two combo locks on left and right side of bottom of bookshelf.
From chessboard, take the red king.
Examine the red king and turn it into a key.
Move to couch area and uncover 2nd pillow. Use knife to open fabric and obtain paper.
look on floor by lamp and noted #2 configuration of clock hands.
Go to clock. Move hands to #1, #2 and #3 configurations and note greek letter revealed by each.
Use the three letter code obtained on lower-right combo lock on bookshelf.
Eventually computer shows you the tilts of the mirrors.
Put mirrors in configuration shown by computer, obtain yellow key.
Open cabinet with yellow key.
Use screwdriver to remove second screw.
Open second drawer and obtain seconds piece of paper.
Paper shows you which chess pieces to look at on chessboard. Record their positions and type them into keypad in cabinet.
Obtain stencil from cabinet and put it over "Copenhagen" poster near piano. Note the instructions it gives.
Open piano with red key. Follow instructions from poster with stencil. Obtain bullet.
Examine bullet, obtain code.
Use code on lower left cabinet of bookshelf. Obtain gun (careful!).
Examine gun. Put bullet in gun.
Look in slot in door. Fire gun at glass.

Note: it is possible to escape simply by obtaining the red key from chessboard, guessing what to do with the piano and getting the bullet and gun, without using the screwdriver, clock, computer, mirrors, paper or keypad.

Thijs said...

Shame I needed a hint to find the knife. I had the right idea about the chessboard, but I didn't know what part of the board to use.

Zenrage said...

I just used the chess key on the piano, figured out what word to play on the piano from the poster, grabbed the bullet, got then gun and BANG.

I never realized what the paper in the couch was for or the clock (although I did get one symbol by accident).

Anonymous said...

You only need the chess piece, bullet, gun and an ability to read to escape this room!

Guessing what to play on the piano wasn't exactly difficult - if that bit was harder, it would have made it necessary to solve a lot more of the puzzles beforehand, which would have made for a more entertaining game. Programmers, take note!!

Anonymous said...

OMD!!!!! that wa sooooooo hard!!!

thanks thesmothete for puttin the walk through on here! it helped me a lot!

the music was freaky tho wasnt it????!

bekah xxx

jabberwock said...

it was easy peasy! Took about 10 minutes, without walkthrough :))

But I needed to find knife, screwdriver, stencil, notebook etc., although :(

Anonymous said...

I have no clue whatsoever on what to play on the piano. please helpp!

Anonymous said...

Oh yay! okay I just got the piano thing. its "decade'ps i was the person right before this comment sooo... yah welll byeee


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