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August 18, 2009

locked cabin

A little point and click exercise to start the day: can you escape the locked cabin?


Miss Piggy said...


Anonymous said...

Nice game, didn't take too long to finish.

mickeydan said...

very nice game i've done it without help WOEHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mccamy said...

Very easy, managed without help! Quite a cute game.

jabberwock said...


1. Go to the bag near the door. Take the swiss army knife.
2. Look at the sandal on the floor. Note the number 8 on it.
3. Go to the radiator. Use the knife to cut the knot on the key.
4. Open the door with the key.
5. Go to the bathroom. Take the cup from the bath tub.
6. Look at the toilet paper. Note the number 3.
7. Open the cupboards near the clock. Note the arrows: U, U, D, D, L, R.
8. Go downstairs. Click on the swordfish. Note the number 2.
9. Look at the paper under the pillows on the couch. It says "the sandal; the card with the heart; the toilet paper; the swordfish"
10. Take the screwdriver from the drawer next to the moose head.
11. Use the screwdriver to unlock the door near the TV.
12. Look at the cards on the table. There's a 5 of hearts. Remember the paper at the sofa. Sandal=8; card=5; paper=3; swordfish=2.
13. Open the locked door with combination 8532
14. Go out. There's a remote on the door next to the pool, with arrows. Hit in U, U, D, D, L, R.
15. Go to the little house. Take the googles.
16. Go out to the pool. Use the googles to pick up a coin from the pool.
17. Fill the glass with water.
18. Go back to the room with the billiard table. Put the quarter in the billiard table. Get the 8 ball.
19. Pour the water on the fire. Get the black key.
20. Go upstairs, to the bedroom. Unlock the downmost drawer of the computer table. Put the 8 ball in the mould.
21. Go left. Look at the bag with the coloured buttons. The buttons' colour means the clock in the house with the same colour.
Blue: 7:49 Red: 7:47 Purple: 8:00 Green: 7:45 Yellow: 7:52 Orange: 7:55. If you put the times in order you get:
Green, red, blue, yellow, orange, purple. This combination opens the bag.
22. Take the metal glove. Use the glove to take the chest from the aquarium. Take the silver key.
23. Go downstairs. Use the silver key to unlock the only one locked door in the cabin wich is...
24. Congratulations! You've escaped.

Anonymous said...

great escape game:)

Anonymous said...

I finally got out and there was no one outside to greet me.

Nevermore said...

Nice and simple.
Enjoyed it, made for a quick game here in the middle of teh day.
Thanks, once again Bart.

Anonymous said...

I know, right?
What happened to my friends that locked me in?
Did they just leave without me?

Anonymous said...

Wow easy peasy!! I was able to do it without cheating!!:)

Ann Quark said...

A little short, but very nice music indeed. :D

Garret said...

This guy has really mean friends

Anonymous said...

yay!!! i did it!!! thanks for the walk through "jabberwock"...

it was really quite hard!!!

bekah xxx

Bobette said...

point and clicks are not my thing...

Anonymous said...

after locking me in and leaving i dont think they are my friends anymore


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