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August 01, 2009


You're Mr.Seed, born into a lukewarm world, on your mission to restore the world to health: regrowth.


Anonymous said...


Alice said...

second! :d really nice game :)

thesmothete said...

70% saved.

Bobette said...

how do you plant the first seed?

Bobette said...


Iguanaman said...

I really hate the "memorize the notes in sequence" puzzles.

Bobette said...

91% saved, 8% harmed :)

Anonymous said...

how do you plant the first seed

Anonymous said...

grr i cant do the sound thing there so alike can someone write order i think there all the same

chewy said...

2 times green
then the one on top next to yellow ( forgot the collor)
then the one down next to the yellow

chewy said...

Sorry was wrong

it's yellow green green yellow purple red

Anonymous said...

16% saved, 84% harmed :P
Great game ^^

Anonymous said...

thanks chewy but i figured it out by guessing. i new it wasnt light blue and i need yerllow green green yellow so i just screwed around abit and got it thanks anyway im stuck an lvl after it though i got 2nd berry on mushroom but cant do anything exept side changeing over water

Lichen Fairy. said...

Me too.

Nice graphics and concept though. I really like it.

Thanks Bart!

Anonymous said...

cute game. I like the colours :)

Bobette said...

love it.

Miss Piggy said...

W00T!!! 100% saved!

But I had to use a walkthrough for one part, where I didn't realise we could use the squirrel.



Regrowth Walkthrough
Created by Jaime Fraina

How to get 100%:

Tree of Life 1:
Pick up spring seed
Click left side of screen

Forest 1:
Drag spring seed to the dirt pile
Click on spring
Click on tree
Click on fire seed

Forest 2:

Plant spring in dirt pile on the right
Click on spring
Click on vines
Plant spring
Click on spring

Forest 3:
Click branch
Click squirrel
Click hole in tree

Forest 4:
Drag squirrel onto see-saw
Plant spring
Click on spring
Click on log

Forest 5:
Plant fire
Click on fire plant to reveal another dirt pile
Plant spring
Drag boulder (on right side) onto the spring
Click on nuts

Forest 1 (revisited)
Watch short animation

Tree of life 2
Plant new seed given to you (fly-trap)
Click on fly-trap
Click right side of the screen

Swamp 1:
Plant spring
Click on spring

Swamp 2:
Click on frog
Plant seed it gives you (lily pad)
Click lily pad

Swamp 3 (needs sound on):
Click on muck/mud in bottom left (it plays a tune)
Click on the mushrooms to replicate the tune (order is yellow, green, green, yellow, purple, red)
Click right side of screen

Swamp 4:
Plant lily pad on left
Click on lily pad
Plant fly-trap
Click on the purple fruit on right
Drag the bottle of hot sauce (found in the water in middle) onto the fruit
Click fly-trap
Click on the lily pad and then the fruit at the right timing to get it to fall onto the lily pad
Plant spring in dirt on left
Drag fruit onto spring
Click spring

Swamp 3 (revisited):
Watch short animation

Tree of life 3:
Plant spring in dirt on the ground
Click on spring
Plant newest seed (bridge) in dirt on a flower platform
Click on bridge

City 1:
Watch animation where lady tells you to turn off the plant and that you need a key to get in

City 2:
Click on key in window of builder
Plant seed (gear) that is thrown out of the building
Drag the gears onto the dots in the clock tower to get all the gears moving and connected (correct placement is: big red on bottom left, small blue on middle right, yellow on middle left, small purple on top.
Click on doorway to building

City 3:
Click towards the left side of the screen to turn on lights
Plant gear seed
Drag the gears to make the conveyor belt go to the right (from left to right: small blue, big red, yellow)
Click on the key at the top
Drag off the gears and replace with other ones to make it go to the left (small purple, big green, green/purple)
Click on small gat on the top right
Plant the bridge in the dirt at the bottom
Click on bridge
Click right side of screen

City 4:
Click on cat
Drag hairball into the machine on right
Drag fish into machine
Click on dumpster
Drag mouse into machine
Click on the “cook” button
Plant spring in dirt on ground
Click on spring
Plant bridge in dirt on cat walk
Click on cat
Click on key
Click on right side of the screen

City 5:
Drag key to keyhole
Click the buttons until all doors are up (correct order left to right: down, up, up, up, down)
Click right side of screen

City 6:
Click on dark seed to hear his story
Plant fire seed in dirt on the bottom right to destroy the main power cord to the power plant
Click on right side of screen

The end. That should get you 100%. =]

Anonymous said...

this game is really glitched at some parts.

Anonymous said...

where's the hairball that i need to cook for the cat?

Anonymous said...

the hairball is in the cat; make it vomit

RoseDragon said...

this is a great game ;)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said... not kent get it(it is hard)


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