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May 18, 2009

underworld trip

Underworld trip by Yoshio Ishii and Yossa takes the same experimental gaming path as recently followed by Terry Cavanagh's don't look back.


Anonymous said...

It's like I'm playing with my glasses off

Anonymous said...

Do I have endless lives?

Anonymous said...

it's wierd, I beat it, and I died a lot, and I'm assuming you're getting sent to hell, especially because at the end of my game, there was a bloody thing reaching out of the ground.

Omochao said...

Is this one based on a legend too? You get a different depending on which shrine you go to.

Anonymous said...

I beat the game without dying at all, it's definantly about a journey of death, and the intro music and clothing reminds me of mario. I also beat it with dying a lot. both depict a sort of afterlife, flawless: heaven, many deaths: hell.
good but difficult game


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