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May 31, 2009

escape from the dome room

More room escaping: escape from the dome room by Tesshi-e.


Anonymous said...

they have a liking for crosses

Anonymous said...

I try to get the third ending...Any idea?

Anonymous said...

how do you complete the last lock on the dooer with the AAAA code ?

Anonymous said...

Never mind, I find out the third ending :)

For the AAAA code, here's the SPOILER :

Check the piano, if you have already turned the lever, you should be able to notice that 4 keys of the piano have been pushed down. Note theses notes and transform them into English letters.

IF you still don't get, the order should be LA-SOL-MI-DO, which gives AGEC.

Anonymous said...

how did anyone get this game at all??? im still stuck in the first room all i have been able to do is open the little mail slot in the door and see four numbers, a huge dome room which i assume you get into by the red door, and an arrow pointing to you with a big "N"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this one is tough...kinda frustrating, really.


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