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May 13, 2009

smile for me

In smile for me you apparently just died, but that shouldn't hold you back from proving your vast escape the room capabilities.


Anonymous said...

First to post! Yeahhhh! OK, I'm happy now. :)

getoffmahahz said...

there's a crank in the garbage can. put it on the ball machine, then turn it left, right, left, right, right, left and get a capsule holding a green fuse. Anyone know what to do now?

Anonymous said...

dusnt load :(

Anonymous said...

it wont load :(

Anonymous said...

too complicate try this link but take care it's a huge SPOILER don't go there if you want to improve yourself...

Susan said...

Jeez I can't imagine anyone figuring that out without the walkthrough.

Anonymous said...

Man, this one is hard. Looks like I'll be at it awhile.

dyan said...

why wont it load??:(

Anonymous said...

For me it was impossible without a walkthrough.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For the buttons on the desk: red is sunday, sunday = sun, monday = moon. Two steps from sunday = ?, 3 steps back from monday = ?

NotMarian said...

Even with the walkthrough, I have no idea how this was solved. Where in the world did the codes come from???

045Jeannette said...

For anyone who comes back to this game:

Open Pencil on computer keyboard. -Red Fuse

Box on desk: Press 6th diamond, 3rd diamond, 1st diamond(red).
-Orange Fuse.

Diamond Box Code: 961
-Yellow Fuse

Bingo Machine Handle: Trash Bin
-Attach Handle
Bingo Machine Code: L,R,L,R,R,L
-Green Fuse

Triangle Box Code: GOD
-Cyan Fuse

Pentagon Box Code: 241
-Blue Fuse

Heart Box Code: 640
-Pentagon Book Key
Click Rectangle inside Heart Box
-Purple Fuse

Back to Bingo Machine, New Code:
-Triangle Book Key

Laptop Code: ANGEL

Follow directions on laptop screen.


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