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July 12, 2008

escape artist

Use all your point and clicking skills to prove you're a true escape artist, the latest escape the room game by Mateusz Skutnik.


qwer said...

more mateuz skutnik!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben said...

I don't know how to said that,. but you should add the game Tipping pount oin the site, it's very nice.

Ben said...

* sorry, I don't mean how but where xD

qwer said...

Tipping point(?) chapter 1,2 and 3 are all here - third in march.

Anonymous said...

Excellent game

Jere said...

Great game. Finally did one without a walkthrough.

me said...

I've got every piece for the door except the one in the top right corner. Could someone please give me a hint? :)

Playler said...

I got every piece exept the one in the left down corner. where can i find that piece?

qwer said...

I think both of those are hidden under or behind something. means no riddle.

Midge said...

There are 3 frames on the wall, each a different color, when you click on it, it tells you either a triangle, square or one of the rooms there's a vase or bowl with rolls in it, it has the same colors, change the color to look like the shapes of the picture frame, there's your last piece.

me said...

Eat up the apple and the cookies on the plate, then click it and it will fly in a loop and land on the floor.
Take the catmilk from the side of the room with the white cat and fill the plate.
The black cat will come and drink it, and while she does that you take the piece that is on the pillow where she sat :)

To midge:
I know about the piece you are talking about :) It's the top right corner I need: )

Anonymous said...

painting in the footstool under the junk. hang it on the wall between the other 2.
click & hold on the 3 paintings to see a code.
take a trowel from the table and a puzzle piece from under the sofa (at the left)
turn right.
take a paintbrush from the floor.
use a trowel on the painting to get a puzzle piece.
eat the fruit and click the plate to put it on the floor.
take a puzzle piece from under the cupboard.
click the easel twice to set it up.
move the chair to find a puzzle piece.
turn right.
pick up the cat milk.
open the rolled-up poster and use the code from the 3 paintings to get another puzzle piece.
get a puzzle piece from the left cupboard
turn right.
get a puzzle piece under the table
get a canvas from behind the frames
turn around.
put the canvas on the easel and draw a key with the paintbrush. take the key
put the cat milk in the bowl
turn around. take a puzzle piece from under the cat.
use the key on the chest to get the last puzzle piece.
put the puzzle pieces in the door


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