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July 04, 2008

escape bathroom

You are in a bathroom, you should know what to do: escape bathroom.


Anonymous said...

nice one

Anonymous said...

very easy. it took me 5 minutes to get out (with the normal end)...but still it's good to have an easy one sometimes to feel you're good.

Jo said...

Perfect end for me!

Anonymous said...

Cute little game. Thanks for sharing Bart.

googy said...

Not too bad, played again to get the perfect end. Finishing without hints is about 50/50 for me.

Anonymous said...

where do you find the green ball?

Anonymous said...

use the screwdriver and type in 802, there's the green ball.

Anonymous said...

im awesome because im a boy

Anonymous said...

wat do u do with green ball

Anonymous said...

How did you find the 802?

Anonymous said...

I managed to get out but with the help of the 802

Jith said...

Yeah, I also managed to get out only with the help of "802".

Anonymous said...

help me were is the yellow ball ?/?

Anonymous said...

I hate random combinations! Are there hints to find colours one or it needs brute force?

Anonymous said...

802 is typed near the hole, clicking on vertical line

Anonymous said...


Click bottom right of bathtub to get red ball

Go to the left and click under the right corner of carpet to get long stick

Open the top and bottom drawer to get the stuffs

Go right and use the long stick wit the bathtub, the chain and get the key

Go right and click the left side of the box, push the switch and get yellow ball

Go right twice and open the drawer with the key.

Click the left side of the drawer to get blue ball.

Click the drawing many times til the battery fell out

the magnifying glass is just to see the hint for arrangement of balls which is BGYR

Insert the batteries into the torch and shine it into the hole next to the cat to get the screw

turn right and unscrew it and insert 802(Click near the top of the crack to get it) to get the green ball

Insert the ball blue, green, yellow red, in this order and click the CAT FIRST den u are out to get perfect end. Never click cat= normal end


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