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July 26, 2008

seven bears

You have bought a teddy bear as a present but some nasty little devil has transformed your teddy bear into seven bears, start the point and clicking!


Anonymous said...

Takes awhile before the game loads. At first there's only a white screen. Have some patience and it will switch to a loading screen shortly.

Anonymous said...

Do not go out the door before getting all the bears.

Anonymous said...

in case any one needs a walkthrough:

1 find a tote bag in one of the dresser drawers this will keep the bears from running off
2 in another of the drawers is a hammer
3 look in one of the drawers on the desk for a stone of mystery in the bottom right corner
4 click on lamp and look at its left side and move the cord
5 now look at the left side of the dresser
6 collect bear 1 and plug in cord
7 bear two is under the covers
8 bear 5 is behind the curtain on the left side
9 turn on the lamp on the dresser and there is bear 6
10 look at the suit and in the inside left pocket is bear 7
11 look at bear 5 look at its right arm. the letters in the word you find represents a number
12 the number is the code for the file requiring a password
13 put in the password on the computer file and memorize the pattern
14 use the pattern on the purple box in the desk drawer and collect bear 3
15 click on the lid of the box immediately after getting bear 3 and get the magic seal
16 put the seal on the hammer to make it a magic hammer and use it on the stone to get the key which is for the locked desk drawer
17 collect bear 4 and after the demon puts the bears back together walk out of the door

yay! you won!

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty poor game.

The stone is hard to find, the cord is non-obvious, the computer code is very, very non-intuitive (use alliteration between numbers and letters) and the parts that are not impossibly difficult are incredibly easy. Not possible to solve without a walkthrough or many, many hours of free time, and boring if you do have one.

Lydia said...

Whats the number-code? makes me going nuts

Anonymous said...

z = zero
o = one
e = eight
n = nine

can't use two three four five six or seven

nosenabook said...

thanks, matt w, for the code. Once I saw "neon," another time "zone."
very non-intuitive game, but fun.

Anonymous said...

matt w still i could't find the code i need help

Anonymous said...

sss, it's on the arm of bear 5. Click there.

Also, it looks like the only two choices are "zone" and "neon."

(Don't get me wrong, I had to use a walkthrough.)

AC Firewolf said...

This is an interesting little game. I like it!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


–click on the drawers of the desk to zoom in.
–open the middle drawer, then click on the lower right corner of the open drawer. take the purple ’stone of mystery’. zoom out twice.

–turn right.
–click on the right bottom edge of the left curtain. bear number 5 is hiding. click on the bear to pick it up.

–turn right and notice the lump under the blanket. we’ll come back to that.

–turn right again to look at the dresser.
–open the bottom drawer, and then click in the open bottom drawer. take the tote bag. **NOTE: without the tote bag, you can’t collect all the bears.

–open the top right drawer, and then click in the open drawer. take the plastic hammer.

–click on the lamp. click to the left of the lamp to see the back of it. click on the cord…it will move to the left. zoom out twice so you’re looking at the dresser again.
click to the left of the dresser. take bear number 1. click on the plug from the lamp…it will plug itself in. zoom back out.

–click on the lamp again. click on the stick looking thing hanging down from the lampshade to turn the lamp on. there’s a bear hiding there! click on the shade, bear number 6 slides down and is now in your tote bag. zoom back out.

–click on the trash can, and then on the paper in the trash can. notice that unlike the numbers on the bears, the paper has spelled out one, two, and three. zoom out.

–turn left to face the bed again. click on the lump to zoom in, and then click on bear number 2. zoom back out.

–turn right twice to face the door. don’t exit now, or you’ll break your girlfriend’s heart!
–click on the blue jacket. notice that the neckline of the jacket is folded over onto itself, making lapels. click on the left lapel (on your right) not too far below the hanger (the green horizontal line). bear 7 is in the inside pocket of the jacket.

–look at each of the bears you have. notice that bear 5’s right arm (on your left) is closer to its body than the others. click on the arm and make note of the code word. (i think there are only two: NEON and ZONE).

–turn right once to look at the desk. click on the computer. click the power button (lower right corner of the monitor) and then the file with the purple imp. remember the code on the bear’s arm? remember that the numbers were spelled out on the paper in the trash? the code is made up of the first letters of the numbers that make up the code. so,

NEON=9819; ZONE=0198.
put the number that goes with your code word in the box that says “PASS:” and click on the arrow. make note of the placement of the colors around the star.

starting at the top and going clockwise:
–if your code word was ZONE the pattern is pink/light purple, red, yellow, light blue, green, white.
–if your code word was NEON the pattern is blue, yellow, green, red, light blue, yellow. zoom out.

–click on the drawers of the desk. open the bottom drawer, and then click in the drawer. look familiar? click on the triangles to get the colors to match the code from the computer. the center of the star turns yellow; click on it to open the box. there’s bear 3! (don’t forget to click it to put it in your tote bag)

–before you zoom back out, click in the middle of the top of the screen to see the entire inside top of the box. (if you’ve already zoomed back out, you have to re-enter the color pattern to re-open the box.) get the ’seal of magic.’

–look at the hammer, and then add the seal. it becomes a magic hammer. click on the magic hammer to put it in your inventory. now look at the stone and ‘add’ the hammer. the magic hammer breaks the stone, revealing a key. a plastic hammer could never have done that. take the key.

–zoom out once so you are looking at the drawers of the desk again. use the key on the top right drawer. there is pesky bear number 4.

–zoom out and the purple imp fulfills its promise and re-combines the bears into one bear. turn left once, open the door, go out the door. happy end!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I feel so stupid. The whole time I couldn't figure how to combine the hammer with the "magic seal" thingy and then I found out all you had to do was click on it. Grr.


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