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December 06, 2017

statues [browser]

Statues: a beautiful art game about a king and his people created by Space Backyard and Gianluca Pandolfo, another entry for the 'the more you have, the worse it is' themed Ludum Dare 40 game jam.


veewee said...

I must be missing something here...all that happens for me is that I hit the spacebar a number of times, there is white text on a black background...and then it's over
I'm not sure I'd call that a game..

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should read the texts Veewee ;)
No, but you are right, it's more of an experience than a game, but a powerful experience it is!

veewee said...

I thought I had rad them..
hmm..I'll give it another try some time

Eman said...

Oooh, they used the "It's really short so you'll have to think a lot about it" tactic. Hmmmmm

PK said...

That wasn't a game. It was more "webcomic where you hit the space bar to see the next panel."

Michael Ursitti said...


veewee said...

ok, I still don't get it. This time I at least had the sound turned on..
But honestly, is there supposed to be anything other than black screens and black screens with white text? Coz that's all I'm getting...along with some sound..
I'm using Chrome. Should I try it in a different browser or something?

Peter said...

Say what you like about Minoto, but he was a lot better than this.

Ben Vidal said...

Definitely not a game. I have been a fan of almost everything that bart posts on here, but not that. :(


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