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October 11, 2017

push demo [browser]

A playable demo for the very promising upcoming puzzle game by Michal Pawlowski< and Maciej Targoni that is coming out on October 18th: PUSH demo.


Anonymous said...

at first it was extra easy, but with time it got better and better

Anonymous said...

This is just the demo?! Oh, now I'm really looking forward to playing the full game.

Anonymous said...

Agree - this is excellent for a demo!

Wee Eck said...

I agree, can we have some more please.
It got my mind spinning a bit but good fun.

The Gordo said...

Wow, amazing!

This demo was bigger than many games. Very nice and creative.

Thank you, Bart!

Sir Light said...

Wow, this demo has more content than some full games. Wish the full version had some kind of a story how the world was destoryed and this cubes are the only key to restoring it - the music fits perfectly.

Cynic said...

Wow. Started this off thinking it was terrible, was highly appreciative towards the end. Love the arrow puzzles especially.

Michael Ursitti said...

smooth and pretty

Anonymous said...


Rava said...

Woooooow! That's crazy!
I can't wait the full game!

It would need a restart button, anyway... in one of the levels with numbers, my last combination was impossible, I had to exit and re-enter the level! Otherwise, every level has to have only one possible outcome, with the others blocked by the alternating pathways or so!

NarnianLucy said...

Super fun, love the animation and the gameplay. I love how the levels got so much more advanced towards the end.

@Rava, I believe you can click a button that's pressed down to raise it up again, then re-do the math with the raised buttons without having to reset the page, if that makes sense :)


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