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August 31, 2009

tower climber

Your princess turned into stone and is waiting to be rescued at the top of the tower. Only 100 gems and a lot of mouse clicks can hold you back from her rescue in tower climber.


Anonymous said...

First:D 100/100 Game Clear!!

Anonymous said...


Al-E-Cat said...

Third! Heheh

Al-E-Cat said...

I made it to 38 and i give up for now. I'll be back!

Lichen Fairy said...

nice music.

Bobette said...

s'ok. mad it to 20-something gems.

Anonymous said...

After two days of trying, I can honestly say...


My record is 83rd floor with 81 gems.

List of dangers that I've encountered:

1) falling
2) monsters
3) spikes
4) clouds that block your view


Mike said...

Made it after 10 or so tries. Patience pays, and a little luck.

Anonymous said...


Kam Jenny said...

i gave up on sucked when those giant sharp spikes chased after you. i died by falling off


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