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June 27, 2024

japanese hot spring [browser]

Solve all the puzzles to make your escape in the latest escape the room game by Room's Room: Japanese Hot Spring.


Stevens Miller said...

Very nice! Clues made sense, but weren't utterly easy.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain the "piano keys" puzzle??? The hint was no help and now I'm staring right at the solution and still can't figure out what it's trying to tell me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, challenging but fun!

Anonymous said...

Spoiler for piano keys (rot 13): Gur "cvnab xrlf" ohggbaf ercerfrag fvatyr oynpx yvar if. qbhoyr oynpx yvar.

Anonymous said...

Delightful; it's been a long time since i could play browser room escapes, and what a great one to come back to.

Anonymous said...

I am stuck on the red + blue circle # code.
I nave not idea what the charaters =.
Also the hints & answers are so small as to be next to useless.

Anonymous said...

The red circle is in plain sight, but easy to miss.
Hint 1: Vg'f bhgfvqr
Hint 2: Vg'f n 3 qvtvg ahzore, jurer unir lbh frra bar bs gubfr orsber?
Solution: Vg'f gur cevpr ba gur qvfcrafre

You won't miss the blue circle, but you have to solve more puzzle to find it.
First: Qb lbh unir gur gbjry naq zntavslvat tynff?

KataKetos said...

You are so consistent and such a good developer man :)

Anonymous said...

I have the head of the screwdriver and the handle but they're not connecting when i click them both. Is there a third part I'm missing? Or is there a correct way to 'connect' parts that I'm forgetting?


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